Intelligence agencies & security forces continue to target Baloch activists

Pakistani intelligence agencies and security forces Continue to Target Baloch Activists

Pakistan’s spy agencies and security forces continue targeting political activists who want an independent Balochistan.

In August 2011, Pakistan’s security forces twice raided the house of Former Balochistan chief minister Mir Humayun Marri. Backed by the police, they planted arms and ammunition at his farmhouse as a part of bigger plot to kill him.

While addressing the media Marri said the raids were a clear message that the security forces and the establishment could kill or arrest anyone in Balochistan in broad daylight without any fear of being held accountable. Marri is the son-in-law of Nawab Akbar Bugti, the leader of the Bugti tribe killed by Pakistani security forces in 2006.

Sanaullah Baloch blasts Islamabad for injustices towards Balochistan

Population of the resource-rich and bigger than France area of Balochistan in southwest Asia, now under Pakistani military occupation, is the poorest in Pakistan with one of the highest illiteracy and infant mortality rates anywhere in the world.

The land named after its people called Baloch was invaded and annexed by Pakistan on March 27, 1948 less than eight months after Britain granted it independence on Augbust 11, 1947 separately from India and Pakistan.

A politician from the Balochistan National Party in Pakistan and former senator, Sanaullah Baloch, in an analysis in the Lahore-based Daily Times newspaper Monday enumerates some of the reasons why the Baloch are up in arms against the illegal occupation of their country.

Sanaullah Baloch, who is based in Geneva, Switzerland, is widely respected as a gifted and articulate politician, speaker and writer.

The Baloch have mentally not accepted Pakistan’s forced merger and have risen up in arms five times during the last six decades. The current uprising that started in 2005 is on-going and Pakistan military and intelligence services have come down heavily even on unarmed civilian political activists.

Nearly 250 freedom activists, who were forcibly disappeared by Pakistan’s Frontier Corps, Military Intelligence and Inter-Services Intelligence were tortured, killed execution style and their bodies dumped in the length and breadth of Balochistan since July 2010.

Thousands have perished in the fight for for freedom. The fallen heroes include not only common people but also tribal chieftans and their family members including Nawab Nauroz Khan Zarakzai, former Balochistan governor and chief minister Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti, Mir Balach Marri, Mir Asadullah Mengal., Agha Mehmood Khan Ahmadzai, notables of the erstwhile ruling Gichki family in Mekran.

However, because of their bloated tribal egos and vanity, members of the tribal elite rarely talk to one another.

At least four tribal heavyweights are in self-exile now. These include the heir apparent of Balochistan national icon Nawab Khair Bakhsh Marri named Hyrbyair Marri, who is based in London; the de jure ruler of Balochistan Khan of Kalat Mir Suleiman Daud, who is based in Cardiff, U.K.; former chief minister of Balochistan and chief of B.N.P., Sardar Akhtar Mengal, who is based in Dubai, U.A.E.; and successor of former governor and chief minister Nawab Bugti anmed Brahumdagh Bugti, who is now based in Geneva, Switzerland.

These leaders have so far not even issued a joint statement on the tragedy befalling Balochistan, which has literally been turned into a killing field by the Pakistani occupation forces.

Those who spent decades behind bars were Agha Abdul Karim, brother of Baloch sovereign Khan of Kalat Mir Ahmedyar Khan, Mir Ghous Baksh Bizenjo, Nawab Khair Bakhsh Marri and Sardar Ataullah Mengal, among scores of others.