Questioning the credibility of PTV awards: A letter by Farheen Chaudhry

Farheen Chaudhry, a poetess, short stories writer and  Ex, General Secretary Hlaqa Arbar-e-Zuaq, has sent us this letter about the favoritism and unfair attitude towards her in Pakistan Television, Our LUBP contributor, journalist and progressive writer Aamir Hussaini has drawn our attention to this.

Here are comments by Aamir Hussaini,

فرحین چودھری ایک رائٹر ،شاعرہ بھی ہیں-ان کا نام بہترین لکھاری کی فہرست میں سب سے اوپر تھا -لیکن آخری وقت میں نجانے کہاں سے نادر شاہی فرمان آیا اور ان کا نام بیسٹ رائٹر کی فہرست سے نکل دیا گیا اور پی ٹی وی کے منظور نظر ارشد چہل کا نام ڈال دیا گیا – پی ٹی وی کی ایوارڑز تقسیم کرنے کی تقریب آج ہونے جا رہی ہے-فرحین چودھری صاحبہ نے اس زیادتی کے خلاف اپنا احتجاج کیا -لیکن پی ٹی وی کے حکام نے کوئی نوٹس نہیں لیا-انہونے اس زیادتی پر احتجاج کرنے کی اپیل کی ہے-میں سمجھتا ہوں کہ اس اپیل پر ہم سب کو اپنا احتجاج ریکارڈ کرنا چاہے

We are publishing her letter as a protest against discrimination and abasement by the PTV management.

Dear Ali,
Due to many other unjust I had stopped working for PTV for last one and a half year, but on 3 july I got a call from GM Office PTV Home by a producer whom i know very well, he congratulated and gave reference for letter, I mentioned and asked me to send a photo on GM PTV email address, which I did.

My play CHAND MERA BHI TU HY was nominated as best independent serial play and me as the best writer. After a few days when I called the same producer to check about rehearsal date , he informed me that my name is replaced with the name of Arshad chehal,  who is PTV script editor, I protested to MD PTV and called him, he did not even listen my call and asked me to text him.

I had been texting him for 2 days continuously then Hammad Ghouri, a ptv official called me for 10 minutes, he was interested only to find out that who has the copy of that notification even he sarcastically said you dont have the copy na. . ., ptv circular is given to talent ever they are only informed by phone officially.

Then they called the mentioned producer took the last copy from him and asked all of them to be silent on the issue ‘nokri ki wajah sy sub chup ho jaty hein. . .jingle ka bhi koi kanoon hota hy  magar yahan nahee’

Then they did nt even bother to inform about the result of so called INQUIRY. Other unjusts done to me are as follows;

-In 1997-8, I was writing Roshan pakistan, my scripts were disturbed, I was harassed by many ways  because I could not meet their DEMANDS
-1999, ADABI MANZER, I was selected by one of the few decent and talented producer Naki amam, purely on merit basis as an anchor
.but after the popularity of show Naki was pressurized to replace me by some blue eyed so called women writers.

So as  punishment I was cornered for years in  HQ and ADABI MANZER was shifted to karachi before the completion of its tenure

-I shifted to Karachi worked as director production with MANHATTEN INT, from there i produced a number of plays and programmes even anchored for ptv world
-meanwhile Qasim jalali approached me after reading my books. He offered me to write a serial for him. ‘DAME RASAYEE’, my first serial with my new name Farheen was a great success. ’13 k bajaye 15 episodes k ee gayeen usski earned record revenue for ptv
-then BARG O SHAJER  on klashmir issue  jis per award ki baat HQ isb mein daba dee gayee
-Many solo plays for ptv khi   comedy  serious for ARY, GEO. . . .
-PANI PEH NAM by kazim pasha was nominated  for LUX STYLE INT award. . . .
-then KHUSHBOO for EVER READY pictures and a long list for private production houses
-then came back to isb in 2004-5. I never wanted to work for Islamabad ptv but Shakir uzair called and asked me to write
100 episode series for him, it was a sarcastic hilarious work.KNOCK OUT, after 12 episode recording all of a sudden things got wrapped up, Shakir uzair became Gm and my hard work of 3 months 40 episodes   written and  distributed among artists  were  returned me back  without a penny. When a script is copied and distributed writer is always paid for it . . I was asked to keep quit by  Shakir Sb
-Shakir sb called me again and asked me to do MATI KI GURIYA.. A… UNDP  project, then another blue eyed of HQ officials was given 6 plays out of that series and I was informed later. Again cheated. . .
-then MATINEE TIME, I couldnt make the executive producer happy so in a very humiliating way it was snatched from me. Shakir sb kept quit and asked me to be quit
-my 2 serials NAQSHE PAA   . and RAH dushwar sahee are PENDING FOR LAST 2  AND 1 YEAR. Though are being directed  by most seasoned director  PM ptv home FARKHANDA SHAHEEN and AZIZ EJAZ pm peshawer centre. Some mysterious ANGELS DONT WANT ME TO COMPLETE MY PROJECTS.
-NOW THIS AWARD ISSUE   , , , kub tuk bardasht karoon?
a lot more is to be told yet. . … . Mein ny sasti shuhrat k liye ager krna hota tu aaj sy 12 saal pehly khabrein uchaltee, media mein jati.but mein tu sehtee rahee, sirf SHAKIR uzair KI AQEEDAT MEIN   but am sorry k woh sachayee ka sath na dey saky. Dont know y?