Rozgar Technology Programme: An Open Letter to The Chief Minister Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif


The Chief Minister Punjab
7 Club Road, G.O.R-1, Lahore
Subject: “Rozgar Technology Programme”


Respectfully,I present to you the Rozgar Technology Programme for your kind study. Please approve this programme to make not only the province of the Punjab but the whole Pakistan a prosperous and developing place to live in. I am sure that the days are not far when people shall not drain out to foreign countries for better future. I have envisioned this programme in the light of my being an eye witness to the enthusiasm of the students regarding your speech contest programme in the Education Department, with lucrative prizes you have allocated for the winners.

I am a contract teacher in the Education Department in GBHS Mari Kanjoor District
Attock. Rozgar Technology Programme shall also result in the same enthusiasm and success.Schools,Colleges and Poly-technic Institutions,Engineering Universities are the vast platforms for the initiation of this programme.However,it should be open for all the masses of the province of the Punjab irrespective of any discrimination of being a student or otherwise.It should be implemented in the same spirit and transperancy of the speech competitions in schools.

Sir,RTP is the programme to alleviate poverty and joblessness by using local resources from our province and country.This is the most crucial objective of this programme.All the spheres of life shall be attended to develop technologies; through
which not only the problems shall be solved but the jobs shall also be created.

Of course there is chance of bluffing in the name of innovative idea.Therefore , in order to cope with this loophole the panel of the engineers shall consider some points. For example it shall be kept in mind before selecting any idea for implementation that how much :

1. Research work has been carried out by the innovator himself in the form of a model ,written document or else.
2. How better are the economic and financial implications of his/her innovative idea. or
3. Does the market really need this idea.What would be the percentage of the expected consumers or rate of consumption of the end product?
4. Whether the idea is really feasible and practical or not?
5. Whether the idea or technology send already exists in Pakistan or
not and if it does exist then on which grounds the new idea is better then the existing one.
6. How intelligently and technically he/she would demonstrate during the modeling process . What are the points which the innovator has to explain in the most technical manner?

These pre-conditions shall be printed with the advertisement in order to safeguard bluffing ideas.

What shall happen through this programme?


Sir ,you shall announce areas for example transportation system,medical innovation,low-cost quake proof pre-fabricated house or building,defence system,anti-terrorist system,energy-generation,drainage system, water purification system, surveillance system for city streets, type of wheat or rice etc, for better per acre yield crop, new energy resource of any type.(These are limited examples.You shall rather pronounce any technology for better job orientation and human concern.)


This announcement shall have a clear indication of a lucrative prize for the person living in Pakistan irrespective of his/her province who shall send the best selling but practical and financially feasible concept of a technology for any area of human concern.The practicability shall be tested by a panel of well seasoned engineers.If the concept is workable the intellectual property rights shall be strictly safeguarded.The innovator shall be offered to take a lump sum package for his/her intellectual effort as a lucrative prize .The payment shall be made after when the idea has been successfully launched in the concerned market.This package shall be decided by the authorities who are justful in envisioning the
financial/economic benefits of the innovative concept under consideration.

Step: 3

The feasibility report shall be prepared by the government itself in the presence of the innovator of the idea.The Computerised 3D Prototyping and Modelling shall be executed in the presence of the innovator.The innovator shall be engaged in by the government for this whole process of modelling.It shall be made sure that the modeling should be done within the shortest period to save the expenses of
engaging the innovator.The panel of engineers concerned with technology shall critically review all the aspects; for example the jobs resulting from the technology and the training of the people to appoint on the post for these jobs etc.The innovator shall be given all the transparent ways to safeguard his/her technology to be implemented. He/She shall be given a free hand to prove his/her point in favour of his technology if he/she is not satisfied with the panel’s view.Howerver,after the approval of the panel , the concept shall be financed by the government .But if the government is not interested in the idea so far as investment is concerned then by giving a due sponsor it shall encourage the private sector to invest in the concept.However,in the beginning it is strongly recommended for the government to invest in the concepts which are highly practicable.In this way the confidence of the people and the private sector shall be restored.

Sir , after when the idea has been successfully launched in the concerned market ,the expenses made by the government shall be deducted from the prize money of the innovator.In order to safeguard the expenses of engaging the innovator for the modeling process the expenses shall be deducted from the supervisor’ stipend allocated for him/her.In this way the supervisor shall try to finish the modeling
process as early as possible.

Thi three step programme shall Insha-Allah bring about a great change in our province.People shall become astonished about the great potential which your highness shall tap in.You shall be the Maha Teer Muhammad of Pakistan. For the implementation of this programme you do not need to set up a new Department.Your government already has some departments to perform this stupenduous job.

For example: many more not in my knowledge.)

Sir, very respectfully, you have to revitalize and encourage these institutions by announcing that those officials of the institution selected for the purpose actively participating in this programme shall be rewarded with lucrative stipends per project they supervise.Alongwith these institutions and SMEDA,Industrial Developing Bank etc; the province of the Punjab shall become the most developed
province of the country.

In the end I request you to accept my three technologies to be developed and implemented under this Rozgar Technology Programme.All the three technologies have a great potential to creat jobs and new business in the market.This potential shall
become obvious after the modeling of these technologies.These are
named as:

1. Suspended Transit System
2. Free Compressed Air Pumping Technology
3. Anti Train- Derailing System

I can send you the details of these technologies provided the Rozgar Technology Programme has been approved by yourhighness.I earnestly request you to initially select these technologies of mine to be developed and implemented under this programme.

I shall be grateful to you.

Yours faithfully,

Farhat Ali Beg
House No:CW-43,
Attock City.
Phone No:03215702105