“Don’t Teach Me Politics”, Zardari advised ISI backed journalists

A group of powerful journalists known for their criticism on President Zardari used to meet him in President House and give him their “useful” advices, a journalist revealed it while quoting senior journalist Rauf Kalasra.

The regular visitors, in one of the meeting, got things of their control when President Zardari advised them to refrain from teaching him politics. He also reportedly asked them to keep their “useful” advice with them, and suggested to first win the election for counselor.

According to Rauf Kalasra, later on Shaheen Sihbai, Dr Shahid Masood and Hamid Mir had approached to Salman Farooqui, the personal secretary of President Zardari for arranging their meeting with him but Zardari refused to meet them.

Aamir Hussaini, journalist and columnist told Talkhaba that Rauf Kalarsa in a meeting where ‘Geo TV’ reporters Waheed Chaudhry and Jamshaid Rizwani were present, told him that three journalist and anchors had made President House as their station during the early days of Zardari’s term but they turned against him once the President barred them from giving him free advices.

After failing at that front, the journalists started supporting security establishment due to the differences with the president on War on Terror, Pak India relationship and Kerry Lugar Bill, Rauf Kalasra claimed.

When he was asked about why did his reports and columns turned against Zardari after the murder of Benazir Bhutto, Kalasra said he was compelled to do so.

Source: Talkhaba