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We’ve made out-of-turn allotments, so has PML-Q: Sanaullah

* Law minister admits CM allotted houses to ‘favourite’ officers
* PML-N govt cancelled 270 ‘illegal allotments’ made by ‘Q’
* PPP MPA says Gymkhana has become ‘DMG-only’ club

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LAHORE: The Punjab government admitted on Friday it had allotted official residences “out of turn” to certain favourite officers, just as the previous regime had done in the past.

Replying to a question by Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) legislator Hassan Murtaza regarding out-of-turn allotments on the House floor, Law Minister Rana Sanaullah conceded that his government had allotted residences to some officers “out of turn”. He maintained that this had been done by the competent authority – the chief minister himself – in exercise of the discretionary powers vested in him.

But the minister went on to contradict himself when he said that the incumbent regime had cancelled 270 “illegal allotments”, made by the Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid (PML-Q) government between 2002 and 2007. He then assured the House that the government was ready to cancel the earlier allotments if the members agreed.

Earlier, Murtaza criticised District Management Group (DMG) officers, saying they leave the province whenever they felt “unhappy”, and called for Punjab Civil Service (PCS) officers – who remained in Punjab for most of their careers – to be promoted instead.

He also pointed out that the Gymkhana Club also seemed to have become a “DMG-only club”, where even elected representatives were denied entry.

Earlier in the day, the law minister had told the House that 468 PCS officers of Grade 17 and 49 of Grade 18 were serving in the S&GAD, adding that only 41 of the 72 posts for CSP officers in Grade 17 were filled in Punjab.

Also on Friday, the House began an open debate on law and order in the province, which will continue on Private Member’s Day on Tuesday. The speaker then adjourned the session until Monday.\23\story_23-1-2010_pg13_1



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