How does an ordinary Pakistani citizen feel about democracy, terrorism, Taliban and Pakistan? A glimpse


I am not supporting this protest mainly led by Imran Khan. Pakistan has an elected government in the fairest election ever in the history of Pakistan with a massive turnout against all the odds and the wrong prediction of political parties specially Imran who boycotted the election and asked others to do so. Someone somewhere must give credit to General Pervaiz Musharraf and it will remain an historical fact. We fought for democracy and got it. We have to give a chance to the elected government. Imran and his party do not condemn the suicide bomber and by default are supporting their evil cause. The backers of suicide bombers are the enemies of Pakistan and we shall continue to fight against them and seek help from the friends of Pakistan to eliminate them. Imran has never seriously condemned the suicide bombers. That is an insult to the thousands of innocent victims. It is about time Imran sympathise with the victims of the barbaric suicide bombing in Pakistan and start raising money for their dependents. That will be a good cause, but of course he is too scared just in case the bombers turn against him.

Judges issue has always been politically motivated and supported by the forces against the democracy and peace. Imran though great cricketer is a failed politician and offers zero solutions for massive problems faced by Pakistan. I believe there are only 9 judges left to be restored. If that is correct then they cannot hold 170 million people at ransom. The whole of the movement is politically motivated and funded by the opposition parties mainly PMLN. Imran himself has no respect for judiciary he admires the legal system in UK, USA, and Switzerland and so on but himself did not accept the paternity suit against him nor dared to go and defend it. Even refused a DNA test. It can be said guilty as hell. On the other hand the he mentions Swiss court conviction against Zardari was eventually reversed by the appeal court and Zardari exonerated, he still mentions as conviction. Most of Iran’s predictions in the past 18 months have proved wrong.

May God protect Pakistan from Taliban and Fundamentalist.
May God protect women from the evil of sinful malicious honour killing.


We will kill all those responsible for suicide bombing on our home soil.

We will kill all those responsible for suicide bombing on our home soil. If they stop we will stop. It is our country and we must protect it against the invaders whether Muslim or non Muslim. Taliban are the evil and medieval face of Islam. So by their action they are the enemy of Islam. We must continue war against terror. If the Americans or other European help us so be it. All other so called Muslim countries neither care nor capable of supporting our cause. We must continue to resist the enemy.
Moderate Muslims of Pakistan must form a resistance force to combat this evil. There are many countries willing to support it.

Pakistan Zindabad
Protect the boundaries of Pakistan.
Preserve the culture of Pakistan.
Save women and Children of Pakistan.

Those who protect Terrorists…

Those who protect Terrorist are the enemy of Pakistan. They are equally responsible for the death of innocent people. Innocent deaths in an attack on terrorist are regrettable at the same time innocents should not be with the terrorist.

Moderate Muslims and the nationalist and true patriots of Pakistan should fight against terrorism. The lawmaker should have similar laws against terrorism as other civilised countries. USA and UK have managed to stop action by terrorists after 9/11 and 7/7 respectively.

Hamid Mir and Imran Khan should stop siding with terrorists. Geo should stop glorifying the terrorist and try to send the right message to the people of the troubled region.

Sorry, Imran Khan….

Sorry Imran your address appears to be a comedy show.

What ever Zardari is PPP has won the election and voted by the nation. You boycotted the election and called for a boycott. No one responded except JUI. Both of you claimed that the nation will boycott. You were wrong the Nation voted in reality rejected your call and your message. You launch a personal attack on everyone, even on their facial expression. Being a so called Moslem now don’t you believe the all humans are made by God and it is sin to call someone ugly? You are meant to be a politician and represent people not a comedian. This kind of behaviour is very cheap or to be crude a low class. You keep mentioning Switzerland, UK democracy, American Senate laws practiced, judiciary, Malaysia etc. You probably do not know that there are only four countries who are Islamic Republic – Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan and Mauritania. Today you compared Pakistan a population 172 million with Singapore a population of fewer than 5 million. Singapore is 672 sq. km and Pakistan 803,940 Singapore joined a federation with Malaysia in 1963 but separated after two years. Maulana Roomi and today you even criticised the Democracy of Pakistan and the ability and understanding of democracy by the people of Pakistan. Please do not insult people so much on one hand you praise them and the media about awareness people have. You keep talking about one + 8 other judges. All the rest are back in business. Are you implying that the rest are all crook you hate when someone else attacks you personally. You use cheap jokes and use the words like Prostitutes, Lota etc. You accuse everyone for crimes they have not committed. You keep refereeing to Zardari having been convicted in Switzerland and do tell the people that Zardari won the appeal and was exonerated. I have never heard you condemning the suicide bombers but always blame the Army. You seem to condone the suicide bombing and always sympathetic towards them. Never really felt sad or sorry about the victims. The civilian in Waziristan or Fata are dying sadly as victim of collateral because they are also harbouring them. The bombers are not in your back yard they do come from the frontier.

Try and talk about the problems of the poor forget the showman ship and 90% of the nation will not get justice from your judges but they would love to have Roti Kapra & Makan. Find a slogan like that and do not keep changing your statements. Go back home, you are also spending more time abroad like Nawaz an Zardari as if you want to compete with them. Create a following of your own with solid policies for the poor. Stay away from Mullahs. By the way you mentioned OIC to form a peacekeeping force, they have discussed many times but have always refused to do so, for the fear of being from different religious sects and could fight and kill each other. You need 10 millions following before you can dream of leading the nation. You have relied on the shoulder of other parties for too long. Offer the masses some real hope. Not the dreams of Switzerland. It is a neutral country. People may get convinced and disband the army and become neutral.

Pakistan Zindabad
My God protect it from the evil of Taliban.
Get rid of the Taliban.