How rich are our parliamentarians, across the boad? A 2007 assessment of the richest Senators….

Senate excels NA with two richest parliamentarians
Saturday, March 03, 2007

ISLAMABAD: The wealthiest of all members of the parliament, including those sitting in the Lower House, belong to the Senate. Senator Muhammad A. Swati and Senator Ishaq Dar have emerged as the two richest MPs in the country’s parliament today.

While many known billionaires sitting in the two houses of the parliament are giving us to believe they are penniless, Swati has acknowledged having assets worth more than a billion rupees. He is the only declared billionaire in the parliament. PML-N’s chartered accountant Ishaq Dar is second in the run with over Rs820 million declared assets.

The leader of the house in the Senate — Senator Wasim Sajjad — has tripled his assets as compared to his previous return. Sajjad is now a 100-million-rupee man. However, the leader of the opposition in the Senate did not show much of a difference in his assets as compared to 2005.

The two houses belonging to the spouse of Information Minister Muhammad Ali Durrani that were valued in 2005 at just Rs6.4 million are assessed by him at Rs50 million in his 2006 return.

Amongst the Sardars, Khosas, Chaudhrys and Khans, Senator Sardar Muhammad Latif Khan Khosa is amongst the declared richest ones as he showed more than Rs160 million worth of assets. Humayun Akhtar’s younger brother Haroon Khan has shown over Rs475 million worth assets, which are 15 times more than what the big brother has declared as an MNA.

Amongst women senators, Mrs Rehana Yahya Baloch tops the list with declared assets worth Rs312 million. Mrs Semeen Siddiqui follows Baloch with her declared assets worth around Rs190 million.

The newcomer in the Senate, Shujaul Mulk declared assets worth Rs200 million, whereas the rising star of Saifullahs — Salim Saifullah — declared assets valued around Rs104 million, including Rs15,000 worth mobile sets. Saifullahs are partners in the Mobilink.

Details of the assets as declared by the aforementioned senators are given below:

— Muhammad Azam Khan Swati: Declared Rs25m Abbottabad house; Rs0.45m another Abbottabad house; 10 plots worth Rs12m in Bahria Town; Rs13 million of worth 8 plots in Top City; Rs11m four plots; total current assets US$4.8m including personal banks accounts, note receivable etc; US$15m worth fixed assets including real estate, 46% equity in Swati Enterprises and 100% equity in Swati Investment co.; other assets worth US$0.59m include household furniture, jewellery etc. His liabilities are US$5.2m. Worth of Swati’s total assets comes to US$20.5m (about Rs1.2 billion).

— Muhammad Ishaq Dar: Declared assets include house in Gulberg Lahore having present value around Rs25 m; two Islamabad plots Rs1.2m; two apartments in UAE worth UAE Dirham4.7m; Sterling Pounds5.6 m and $2500 invested abroad; Rs4m and Rs0.8m shares; Rs7m deposits; Rs5m worth Land Cruiser, Rs1.1m Corolla and UAE Dirham0.58m worth vehicle called Bentley Arnage; jewellery worth Rs225,000 and Dirham26,455; cash and bank balance include Dirham0.6m and Rs4m; FFA worth Rs250,000; and arms worth Rs23,825. Wife’s assets included.

— Wasim Sajjad: Total assets declared include Rs5m plot in Jhika Gali, Murree; share in Rs20m Lahore house; share in another Lahore house Rs1.6m; Rs30m share in the construction cost of farm house in Chak Shahzad, Islamabad; 1.4 kanal plot Abbottabad Rs1m, share in 2.3 kanal plot in Nathiagali Rs3m; House in F-7/4 Islamabad Rs15 m; another plot in Islamabad Rs1m; Rs3m paid as advance for 2 kanal plot in Lahore; Rs1.1m paid as advance for two plots; Rs3.4m investment in shares; almost Rs12m in banks/cash; Rs1m library, furniture, fixtures (FFA) etc; Rs2.7m prize bonds; and Rs1.3m worth car. Sajjad assets grew from 2004’s Rs20.9m, 2005’s Rs35.3m to the present Rs100m.

— Mian Raza Rabbani: Present value of his assets include Karachi property worth Rs5.5m; and Lahore property worth Rs5m; two cars worth Rs1m and Rs0.87m; jewellery Rs1.4m; cash Rs0.96m and bank cash Rs1.2m; and FFA worth Rs0.5m.

— Muhammad Ali Durrani: Two houses (in wife’s name) in Lahore worth Rs40m; agriculture land at Ahmadpur Rs2.8m; agriculture land at Lahore Rs4m; three plots worth Rs4m; Rs432,760 capital investment; Rs25,000 paper mills and Rs505000 investment in Infinity Engineering; Rs1m defence saving certificates; three cars worth Rs2m; jewellery worth Rs0.56m; Rs1m prize bonds; and FFA Rs85,000. Unsecured loan Rs2.9m.

— Sardar Muhammad Latif Khan Khosa: Present value of Lahore house Rs20m; Khosa Chamber Lahore Rs5m; house Lahore II Rs6m; commercial building Lahore Rs6m; 3 kanal Lahore plot Rs6m; Lahore house III worth Rs20m; Multan house/residence Rs3m; Flour mill Multan Rs50m; Multan plot Rs20m; share of DG Khan house Rs1m; DG Khan agriculture land Rs1m; DG Khan plots worth Rs3m; Rawalpindi flat Rs1.2m; agriculture land in Kasur Rs3m; share of house in DG Khan Rs0.5m; Rs0.35m advance for Islamabad society plot; three vehicles, one worth Rs1.3m, one valuing Rs1m and another Rs0.7m; Rs5m jewellery; Rs1m cash; Rs1m in banks. FFA 5m. Wife and scions assets included but explained that all of them have independent source of income.

— Haroon Khan: Decaled assets include plots worth Rs33.8m; 1/4 share in house Rs25.5m; agricultural equipments Rs2.5m; stocks and shares Rs177m; unsecured loans Rs231.8m; jewellery worth Rs0.2m; Rs4.8m cash and Rs0.8m in bank; and Rs0.7m worth FFA.

— Shujaul Mulk: Declared 34 shops in Mingora worth Rs34m; Mingora Cinema Rs2m; share in Mingora market Rs3.5m; 40% share in flour mill Rs0.6m; plot in Kalam Rs0.6m; 1/4 share in six residential houses at Mingora Rs1.8m; Saidu Sharif house Rs9.5m; share in agri-land Rs68m; business capital Rs17m; bank deposits worth Rs51m; remitted amount Sterling Pounds50,000; shares Rs3.2m; saving certificates Rs0.6m; two cars worth Rs2m; jewellery Rs1.7m; Rs95,000 cash and Rs0.5m FFA.

— Salim Saifullah Khan: Declared Rs69.8m of family’s property; Rs20m shares etc; Rs0.5m saving certificates; Rs8m unsecured loans; Rs0.9m jeep; 30 tola gold; Rs1.9m cash in hand; Rs0.5m in banks; Rs1.7m FFA and Rs15,000 worth mobile sets. Saifullah’s debts stand at Rs211,290.

— Mrs Rehana Yahya Baloch: Declared assets include Rs150m Quetta house; Rs150m Karachi flat; Rs8m Kalat farm house and Rs4m Kalat agriculture land. The ECP notification does not show the richest lady Senator having declared a car, jewellery, cash or bank balance.

— Mrs Sameen Siddiqui: Declared Rs27.5m Karachi house; Rs40m another Karachi house; Rs80m agriculture land in Karachi; Rs40m Karachi plot; 162 acres of leased land in Karachi and Thatta; Rs0.25m shares; three old model Mercedes cars worth Rs0.7m; jewellery worth Rs0.9m; Rs150,000 cash and Rs1m in banks; and Rs250,000 worth FFA. (The News)