PML N/Sipah Sahaba henchman Rana Sanaullah disparages protests against child rape


Rana Sanaullah, senior PML N minister tells protestors against Child Rape to “not get too emotional”. This was after his police once again shot into the crowd and killed two policemen.

Instead of condemning PML N for its Pro-Rape-of-Children stance, Pakistan’s commercial liberals are indirectly supporting them. Nusrat Javeed, an abusive alcoholic who is infamous for promoting Deobandi hate cleric Tahir Ashrafi, was condemning Dr Tahir ul Qadri for leading the funeral prayers of the 8-year old girl who was raped and murdered. For Nusrat Javeed, Dr Tahir ul Qadri showing sympathy to this murdered child, is a conspiracy against Nawaz Sharif!

This is how low the Apologists of Nawaz Sharif have sunk too. Protestors killed by Shahbaz Sharif – blame a conspiracy. Nawaz Sharif and his corrupt kids are caught red handed with a money trail – blame a conspiracy!

And now, after nearly a dozen children have been raped and murdered in a PML N stronghold, the ensuing protests are also being dismissed as a conspiracy!

JDC’s Zafar Abbas is one of the few civil society activists who have called out Rana Sanaullah. Most of Pakistan’s liberatti and sellouts are either still obsessing over Imran Khan’s 3rd marriage or busy absolving their idol Nawaz Sharif at the cost of raped and murdered children.




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