Pretty boys and their UN vote


I am shocked to see that Germany, France, Italy, UK, Spain voted against the US. Most have gone to a desi restaurant and had tons of Khapuray (testicles, Rocky Mountain oysters, sweetbreads) the night before.

Australia for all its uber machismo abstained. I guess they are typical bullies on sport arenas and acting macho in Hollywood movies (with lower asking price) but loose their spine in real situations.

Also glad to see others using “pretty boy” for Justine. Desis just love this sellout. It’s time that Justin got on the Hajjaji diet and gained 40 lbs. Liberal party Justin wants to continue selling weapons to Saudi Arabia to use on kids in Yemen.

Liberal Justin thinks that Salafi-Deobandi sectarian terrorists of ISIS are important members of Canadian society – you know for bombing innocent Canadians and gruesomely running them over and even plotting to blow up parliament – as long as they were able to commit some atrocities in Syria.

Try implementing your Neoliberal polices with a pot belly and Dad-Bod Justin!

Pakistan’s commercial liberals must be feeling worried. If the Dotard doesn’t fund them through various NGOs and Embassies, then how will they host the elitist art and literary festivals where they (metaphorically) masturbate each other and gorge on Rs. 300 artisanal Bun Kebobs and some fried concoction with too much Nutella.



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