Jumping to conclusions; something is not adding up in Idlib chemical weapons attack


Conspiracy Theory : blindly believing that a Government that voluntarily surrendered its chemical weapons to the Global community under UN supervision 4 years ago, has to be involved in attacking its own people with chemical weapons; at a time when it is completely not in its interest to do so.

Ostrich mentality: being in denial of UN reports that caught the “moderate” Al Qaeda” rebels using Sarin Gas to kill children as part of a False Flag operation that justifies another illegal Neoconservative regime change intervention

Sectarian Bigotry: Baiting an entire faith group that comprises a sect with 300-400 million adherents globally for the acts of a secular government fighting Al Qaeda and ISIS terrorists. Further, baiting a group on the prodding of violent Salafi sectarians who continue to use such low tactics.

Wilfully Obtuse and Insensitive: Using disgusting tactics such as dead children and babies to pass judgement on doctored and comprised evidence provided by Al Qaeda partisans.

Tragically Ironic: when those elites who claim to uphold liberal and secular values repeatedly align their (sectarian) worldview with Al Qaeda, ASWJ-LeJ, Jamaat e Islami, Neoconservatives and Ikhwan.

Disguised bigotry and blatant hypocrisy combined with ignorance: when those who lecture a heavily targeted faith group on selective events in Syria, based on deeply compromised and susceptible evidence and publically hold Pakistani Shias responsible for events halfway across the world. Thereby increasing the target on that group (Parachinar) while being silent hypocrites on other events in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Bahrian etc

The MSM articles makes the same crucial omissions that have been highlighted in this comment – that the Syrian government has surrendered its weapons and that Salafi Ikhwan rebels have used these weapons against the Syrian people, amongst other crucial and shameful omissions.