Leading Bangladeshi Newspaper daily Star Dhaka today published exclusive feature of Zahid Khan titled with جلادخانہ


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Bengali has preserved all possible things related to those atrocities made by Pakistan Military and its allies like Albadar and Shamas Brigade of Jamat-i-Islami and there is National War Museum in Dhaka.

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Urdu mainstream media in Pakistan is expert in obfuscating and distorting history. Our educational institutes also follow such practices and they can not help students to know what happened in 1971 in real. Fabricated and manufactured with full of lies narrative and story are taught to young generations.

Owners of media groups from Western Pakistan never apologized on their lies and distortion of news during 71 war.Even today these media owners are not ready to reveal truth in this issue to Pakistani young generation. In Punjab majority have same prejudices as were present at time of Bangladeshi Freedom war. Even Punjabi young generation have prejudices and distorted but manufactured narrative on Baluchistan and Sindh also. Punjabi young men and women are very poor in case of Balochistan and Sindh even in case of Pashtuns.