New York: Maulana Syed Fakharuddin Alvi condemns Zakir Naik & Yazid



In the city of Elmont, New york renowned Sunni religious scholar Maulana Syed Fakharuddin made a thought provoking speech on Imam Hussain R.A (Son of Imam Ali R.A and grandson of Prophet Hazrat Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him) and talked about on his great sacrifice in Karbala.

“ Imam Hussain is not name of one person or individual but Imam Hussain is name of Ideology, Imam Hussain is name of faith, Imam Hussain is name of a school of thout.Imam Hussain in fact is name of religion itself.”, Said Maulana Syed Fakharuddin Alvi, while addressing in Sunni Mosque of Elmonte,Newyork.

He said , “Imam Hussain was lured of great riches,Governorship and other attractive things.If such offers were made for someone other he would be shaken but Imam Hussain did not accept them and refused to accept Yazeed as Caliph of Muslim community.When they could not shaken Imam Hussain through perks and greed then they tried to frighten Imam Hussain.He was threatened that if he would not accept Yazeed as Caliph then his offspring, comrades and others will be slaughtered and bodies of them would be mutilated and women would be taken prisoners.But Imam Hussain stood firm and not only gave sacrifice of his life but lives of his offspring, comrades and other male relative in Karabala.Our Khawja Ghareeb Nawaz ( Pro Poor Saint ) therefore paid great tribute to Imam Hussain for his sacrifice:

“ Hussain is Lord,Hussain is King
Faith is Hussain , Refuge of faith is Hussain
Head gave but not gave his hand to hand of Yazeed
Even foundation of faith is Hussain “
Yazeed whom our Gareeb Nawaz did not mention in his couplets with admiration then why we offer our hearts for him.”
All members of House of Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him are divine light as Imam Ahmad Raza says in his couplets,
“ Every child of You is divine light and You are divine light and your all house is divine light.”

So offspring of Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him is Divine Light , Our lord Ali is divine light ,Imam Hasan is divine light, Imam Sajjad is also divine light, Imam Baqir is divine light, Imam Jaffar-i-Sadiq is divine light, Imam Musa Kazim and other Imams are also divine light, he said.He condemned Hindustani Saudi funded Wahhabi cleric Dr.Zakir Naik due to his insane ideas about Imam Hussain and his love for Yazeed.