” The Greatest ” dies – Mohammad Ali – so sad – the greatest boxer in history – Rusty Walker



Pound-for-pound, possibly Sugar Ray Robinson, but, the heavyweight’s, due to size and power, means, the pick of the “greatest,” would need to be from that division.

I think he could have beat them all through history, from The Brown Bomber to Rocky Marciano, from Jack Dempsey to Tyson.

I’ve been a fan since he was a handsome, if obnoxious, Cassius Clay, taking down the unbeatable Sonny Liston; fighting the unstoppable Joe Frazier, and out smarting the harder punching George Foreman, inventing the rope-a-dope; fast, graceful, and great showmanship and ultimately a good, devout, and loving family man.

Rest in Peace Champ!