Comrade Peja Mistry exposes Ghamdi and his Takfiri Deceptions



Ghamdi is a current favourite for DC liberals and their Uncle Tom apologist collaborators. Here is an example of another one of his deceptions. Ghamdi issues token and vague condemnations of violations against Shia Muslims. But his condemnations do not highlight the fact that the violence against Shia muslims is by Takfiri Deobandi organisations like Sipah Sahaba/ASWJ-LeJ.

More importantly, Ghamdi never questions the hate doctrine that provides legitimacy to these groups. He never questions the historic bigotry and polemics that were written in Medieval era by Ibne Taymiyyah.

Throughout this clip, Ghamdi’s thrust is not in questioning the labels of “Shirk” “Kuffar” etc but simply providing the token condemnation that we must not “take the law in our own hands”. Even Sipah Sahaba does this on occasion and Ludhainvi’s interview with pro-establishment hacks like Hamid Mir and Najam Sethi’s TFT are prime examples where these bigots like Ghamdi conveniently side step the core issue while making token condemnations of vigilante behaviour.

Ghamdi simply ducks the core question – Why are Shia and Sunni Barelvis accused of Shirk and Kufar by Deobandi mosques and ideologues?

On the contrary, Ghamdi has publically supported Muawiya’s civil war against Imam Ali. He has on another occasion made some very foolish remarks that further betray his sectarian prejudice.

As per Ghamdi, the incident at Ghadeer Khum where the Holy Prophet appointed Imam Ali as his Maula was simply done to placate Imam Ali who was acting immature due to a bad mood.