Saudi establishment Stooge Nawaz Sharif drags Pakistan into dispair – by Pejamistri



Back in 97 when Nawaz Sharif won with an absolute majority and PPP was reduced to mere 19 seats in the national assembly. I remember it seemed as if there is no hope for Pakistan. Military was planning big operations like Kargil and 911, Nawaz Sharif was planning to become Ameerulmomneen. It was the period when conservatives we’re in complete control, unlike now when due to last dictator’s enlightenment the overall outlook is liberal.

Benazir Bhutto was completely crushed, Zardari was in jail and there was not a single voice in his favor even western powers had closed their eyes. It was perhaps the darkest period in the history of Pakistan. People had completely resigned to their fate as a middle eastern state. At that time people had not seen the fate of Iraq, Libya, Syria and Afghanistan. Ameerulmomneen Mullah Owner was ruling Afghanistan and Ameerulmomneen Nawaz Sharif was soon going to implement Shari’a bill in Pakistan.

I was in Islamabad back then and was as pessimist as I am these days.

Only hope was the unprecedented struggle of SMBB against all odds. She would face all the criticism, fight all her cases in the kangaroo courts and her companion Zardari will be as courageous as her, he faced death threats, was subjected to third degree torture. Imran Khan has not seen even 10% of the atrocities that Zardari and SMBB were subjected to.

So it was in the words of Faiz:

اس وقت تو یوں لگتا ھے اب کچھ بھی نھیں ھے
مہتاب نہ سورج نہ اندھیرا نہ سویرا

But then all of sudden Kargil happened and there was internal rift in military establishment. There was a ray of hope, military dictatorship had to remove the Democratic mask and the people of Pakistan we’re once again waiting for the day that Faiz told:

لازم ھے کہ ھم بھی دیکھیں گے
وہ دن کے جس کا,وعدہ ھے
جو لوح ازل پر لکھا ھے

But by 2001, military had almost achieved what they wanted. 911 was the elusive objective jthay they could plan and achieve in just 4 years of quiet rule.

We are back in 1997, everything is a deja vu , Ibur in many respects we are in worst situation. We don’t have leaders like SMBB, people of Pakistan have been terrorized by suicide bombing and target killings. And they are being black mailed via terrorism to submit and be quiet. It is much worse situation then the era of Zia when PPP jiyalas we’re subjected to dracanion laws. Now there is no court no case no judge, they just send a suicide bomber and execute the sentence. People are so afraid that they now have complete submission to the military power.

This situation is alarming no one knows what they are planning, taking back Afghanistan, a new 911, nukes? NO one knows



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