Nawaz Sharif, a hostage – by Pejamistri



Those who know Pejamistri since 2007, know that how much I honour and respect politicians. I wrote several articles in the praise of political class of Pakistan particularly the leaders. I highly respect all of those politicians and despite my political disagreement and harsh critique on them, I never put them in the league of generals, judges and pimp journalists.

I consider Nawaz Sharif as a real political leader, though he has very negative personality traits including cowardice, corruption, and being a right-wing leader.

I would have completely rejected and at least ignored these Panama leaks if Nawaz Sharif was not in current government and the situation were different in Pakistan. But the fact is at the moment Nawaz Sharif is an hostage to military establishment of Pakistan who is blackmailing him using model town incident and corruption.

Nawaz Sharif is currently the best pawn in the hands of military establishment and making it possible for them to easily spread terror across the world and continue their hold on Pakistan.

This situation is similar to 90’s when Nawaz Sharif was nothing but a face of establishment. Benazir Bhutto despite all her democratic beliefs never hesitated to cooperate with anyone to overthrow Nawaz Sharif’s government be it Ishaq Khan or Justice Sajjad Ali Shah. The logic is very simple the status quo in Pakistan is the success of military establishment. As long as their is a continuous struggle against this status quo (unless if there is a PPP government) anybody who challenges Nawaz Sharif government politically and try to overthrow this government should be supported.

Imran Khan at the moment is the best bet against the status quo, and all his actions are deja-vu of Benazir Bhutto’s 90’s political struggle.