Campaign against coal power plants in Saraki belt – Aamir Hussaini


An elaborate meeting with Vice Chancellor, BZU, Dr Khawaja Alqama, a scholar in his own right. He was briefed on the Coal Power threat and the lurking environmental disaster in Muzaffargarh. And the need of the academia to come forward. My request for an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment was discussed as we continue our jihad to save the new Red Indians. Courtesy Shaukat Ashfaq, who recognises the importance of our struggle.

Campaign against coal power plants in Saraki movement is gaininng support from masses and prominent social activists , Journalists , writers , Poets , Academics and political workers .

It is good news that V.C of BZU Khawaja Alqama , Shaukat Ishfaq Resident Editor of Daily Pakistan Multan and prominant Indian writer , activist and daughter of founding general sect of PWA and CCP Sajjad Zaheer Noor Zaheer and others showed their solidarity with people of Muzaffargarh of Saraiki region against construction of coal power plants .3