The missing persons in Pakistan and the supporters of Taliban in Pakistani media and politics…


Is there no possibility that the majority of missing might have joined the cause of the taliban and fighting for them and are not allowed to returm. Some of them might have been killed. Some could have been handed over to the American.

Why should we not look into all the possibilities. Musharaf is gone finished. If people think we should hang him and his family as suggested by Ms Senior Citizen. I suppose we should hang the other half a million too. Pakistan needs a very serious and violent revolution. At least 100,000 to be slaughtered from all walks of life. Only that could shake up the nation.

Long Live Pakistan
Stop the satanic invador.
Protect Pakistan fron Talibani Terrorist.
Support your Gallant Army of Pakistan.


MalangBaba Says:
October 26th, 2008 at 9:10 pm

A son of Pakistan named Aimal Kansi was arrested by FBI and US military commandos from a hotel in DG Khan on June 17, 1997. This was the first incident and probably last incident where a Pakistani citizen was abducted and escorted out of the country by American soldiers. The operation to abduct Mr. Kansi was given by Bill Clinton and approved by Pakistan government.

The ruler of Pakistan was no other than Mr. Nawaz Sharif who as a Prime Minister granted approval to American operation. Mr. Kansi was arrested in broad day light, air lifted to a sectret location and then transported to USA on a special plane. All the operation was in government’s full knowledge and NS government facilitated the operation by providing intelligence and logistic support to USA commandos.

Mr. Kansi was later tried and executed in USA.

Abductions, illegal confinements, and handing over people to another country are not only illegal but also immoral acts.

Mr. Sharif should accept responsibility for approving Mr. Kansi’s illegal abduction and his ultimate death before sheding crocodile tears on Jehadi abductions.

Zia also abducted, tortured and killed thousands in his tenure. Mr. Sharif didn’t raise his voice then. I appreciate his support for abductees but he should also show some remorse for his similar past actions.

Jamhooriat Says:
October 26th, 2008 at 11:07 pm

@Malang Baba

As being a die hard jiyala, while trying to score points against NS, u forgot that ur beloved leader MBBS (MOhtarma Benazir Bhutto Shaheed) had alleaged Aimal Kansi of her assissination plot that could not be successful. First u clarfy that to others that what is PPP stance for Aimal Kansi?? You support his plan to kill Benazir?? and even if that was not true, what was objective of Benazir to present Aimal Kansi as her enemy?? to get US sympathy and playing a double game to get power at any cost??

Also dont forget that any way Aimal Kansi had been a CIA employee that he never denied.

MalangBaba Says:


U r trying to twist the point I wanted to make. My point was that Mush was not the pioneer of abductions and allowing American Operations on our soil. Zia and NS did the same nd other right wingers like Jamaat Islami supported such crimes.

There is no doubt that Kansi was a fugitive and criminal. I am not pleading his innocence. I am objecting to the way he was abducted and shifted to USA. That was a clear violation of the law of the land. Can U deny that this shameful episode of our history happened under NS regime?

I am not sure if the story about Kansi’s plots against BB are correct. Even if that is correct that does not mean that NS government’s acts of allowing American agression on our soil were justified.

I agree Kansi was a CIA employee. So were Jihadies including Osama and Talabn and many of the abductees under Mush regime.

I know U and other Ziaists have no answer except hurling personal insults and Galam Galoch but still some one should speak to counter propaganda.

I am totally in support of an independent inquiry of ‘missing people issue’. Most of the abductions have happened in Punjab and no one stops NS party to start investigations. They have no guts to do that, I bet.

This whole drama is staged just for media to keep support of urban right wingers behind him. He is completely supporting PPP government. The unanimous resolution by parliament is a prime example of hypocricy of right winger parties who support Talban in public but support military and US in parliament.

busybee Says:

Unfortunately all I can say is that these are all gimmik…. a trailor to be shown to the public that we care…. How many questions, objections, resignations have been raised so far in response to Bajaur unrest? No body aised a finger. When it came to their own families their own persons they yell. Look at Asfendyar Wali, ALtaf, Benazir’s children. They are all born with the silver spoon how can they feel the agony of the poor? In Islamabad the posters are hanging in favour of Kashmiris that who will console this mother??? on Indian brutality, but did they thought about what is happening at home??? it is so sad affair. Has anyone raised a voice about how Islamabad looks like Bagdad? How the concrete, traffic jams armed soldiers, effect the nerves of a common person? No as long as their own skin is out of danger. Musharraf is still thinking to get rid of Chaudries and get hold of Q league and launch himself back in the politics so he can have his share in what ever we can manage to get from IMF. THESE PEOPLE ARE SICK PEOPLE


MalangBaba Says:

“Can you please let us know how many people were handed ober to US by Nawaz Sharif. ”

I know for sure one name i.e. Aimal Kansi. As I wrote earlier NS allowed US commandos to operate in Pakistan, conduct operation in DG Khan to arrest Kansi, provided intelligence to US, gave logistic support for air lifting Kansi from DG Khan to a secret location and lastly smuggling him out of the country on special plane. This was a FBA and CIA combined operation. NS allowed this operation on personal request from Clinton. NS knew that Kansi will be executed.

By all means I consider illegal detentions as brutal and direct violation of both Pakistan and international laws. There can be no justification of kidnapping of people by state agencies. ISI or Army are not allowed to arrest ppl. They are not police. ISI started arresting people in the days of Zia. They didn’t spare even University professors. I remember ISI kidnapped three Quaid-e-Azam University professors (Dr. Jamil Omar, Tariq Ahsan and Mohammed Salim) from their homes and kept them in secret jail. They were disappeared for several months and severely tortured. Then an international movement was started by international HR orgs that forced Zia to bring them for trial in military court.

I knew Jamil Omar during my professional association with QA University Islamabad. It was a shock of life time to saw his disappearence and later lobg jail term for no crime other than freedom of speech.

ISI needs to be kept under civilian control. Present government is trying to control and tame this beast. Unfortunately ISI has a lot of friends in religious parties and press. When ISI was put under civilian control, there was a huge criticism. Please support civilian democratic government so that it can control institutions like ISI.

I think NS should work with government to start parliamentry investigation of missing ppl case. That is the only way to find a real truth.

nota Says:

@Nayyar Sohail

The case of Aimal Kansi is a FACT that can’t be denied. It did happen when Nawaz Sharif was in power so there is no question it was done with his approval, though it was under immese pressure I am sure BUT IT WAS STILL NOT JUSTIFIED!!!

(Side note: Being from DG Khan myself, one story I have heard says Awais Leghari s/o Farooq Leghari was involved in entrapping Kansi as he was friends wih him and it is Awais who had invited Kansi over when he was picked up. Besides the $2 million blood money, the IT ministry was a payoff of that “cooperation” as well. Another version states it was Awais’ uncle Jaffer who was involved. By the way, it is not just a local story. And it is this case that gave us the famous “I am sure the people over there will turn in their mothers for $20,000, let alone $2 million” quote)

To be fair, here is another story that puts the blame squarely on Nawaz Sharif and Ch. Nisar:

“…It was this underhand Sharif deal with the Clinton administration that caused President Farooq Leghari-Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif political honeymoon to an end only four months after their official working relationship began with the ascension of the latter to power in February 1997, a source close to Sharif disclosed.

The illegal handover of Kansi miffed Leghari, triggering the serious differences between him and Nawaz, which culminated in the president’s resignation, he added. According to sources, the root cause of the heart burning between Leghari and Nawaz was over the modus operandi of Kansi’s handover to the Americans. Officials told The News that it all began when the Americans traced Aimal Kansi in Dera Ghazi Khan and requested the relevant Pakistani officials to help arrest and extradite him.

After Nawaz’s formal approval, a secret operation conducted by a joint team of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and a premier intelligence agency of Pakistan arrested Kansi in a lightening swoop in a DG Khan hotel, the official said. Until this time, all the laws of the land were followed and Kansi was kept in the safe custody of Pakistani intelligence authorities despite US pressure to hand him over immediately, they added.

After the intelligence authorities insisted on following the standard procedure before extraditing Aimal Kansi, the then US ambassador to Pakistan Thomas Simon Jr called up Secretary of State Madeleine Albright to apprise her of his problem, a top officials told The News on condition of anonymity.

After getting directions from Albright, Simon contacted Chaudhry Nisar Ali, who was also the senior minister and was acting as self-appointed acting prime minister in the absence of Nawaz Sharif, who was on a tour to Turkey at the time, he recalled. The official said Nisar immediately contacted the head of the premier intelligence agency and ordered him to hand over Kansi to the FBI sleuths without bothering about legal formalities….”

Kansi himself stated:

…”I was never produced before a court of law in Pakistan. I was kept in custody in a cell in the United States Embassy for three days before being flown to the US,” he claimed.

“I am very disappointed with the Pakistani government which should have intervened in my case, but they are never able to take a stand against the US.”

He said he chose to target CIA employees as “the agency plays a major role in shaping US policy … and because I could target them conveniently”.

He denied charges that he or his father had worked for the CIA or that he had killed the CIA operatives to avenge his father’s death.

He also rejected claims that Farooq Ahmad Khan Leghari, then President of Pakistan, or his relatives played a role in his arrest.

“There is absolutely no truth in the allegations that Farooq Leghari or his tribe played a role in my arrest. They are innocent.”

(Was he telling the truth in this statement or just covering up and letting them off the hook?)