Defense of a fake human right activist supporting the Deobandi lobby – by Sania Hassan Kayani



This video is self-proclaimed defense of a non sayed ms ‪‎Rubab Mehdi‬ aka Rizvi‬ a so called fake human right activist based in UK by a page mentioned ;who is continuously supporting the deobandi lobby of  Tahir Ashrafi‬ ‪ ‎Beena Sarwar‬ Najam Sethi‬ and some pseudo commercial liberals like Ale Natiq (ali mashadi) to sabotage the cause of people and blog LUBP who are working on grass root level in shia community to oppose these takafiri apologists. I request people to expose such people who are hypocrites and not loyal to shia community and to our martyrs.

Rangeela Rasool’s publisher Ayaz Nizami (Ali Arqam) and his friend Halal Tweet and LUBP Exposed (Ale Natiq) supporting Rubab Mehdi?



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