Are the apologists of Deobandi Mafia, suffering from some kind of mental disorder, if not being paid for what they say? – Maq



We have been continuously seeing that each time there is a terrorist incident (the most famous one now is blowing up during Friday Prayers), each time the apologists of Deobandi Mafia bring a reason to blame school kids, market goers, Shias, Sufi Sunnis, Ahmadis, Christians, Hindus.

I was reading some stuff regarding this phenomenon “Blame-the-Victim” and came to conclusion that its a mental disorder of a person in order to avoid any responsibility.

Having said so, I have no confusion left in my mind about the “Ulema of Deogand”, “democratically” elected govt, LEAs, .

I am ruled by mentally disabled gang.

A psychologist may help me here.