Yemen about to make Saudi Arabia very unhappy – by Ziad Fadel



No, this is not Nellie Fox, the legendary American baseball player.  He is a typical Yemeni who is about to be turned into a savage fighting machine thanks to the blundering of the Saudi apes.

There are 2 things which enliven a Yemeni male: the first is Qaat, the narcotic plant that provides much of Yemen’s happiness and, sadly, its relegation to the lowest domains of the Third World.  The second is invasion. The Yemenis don’t like to be invaded and predictably make the lives of invaders most unpleasant. Whether it’s the Romans, Egyptians, Abyssinians, Ottomans, English or whoever, the Yemenis rise up like a geothermal geyser, with its exasperating regularity,  to beat away the offending culture into submission and withdrawal.   Think of Afghanistan as a sister state with the element of opium as a substitute for Cathinone (Qaat) and the mountain folk as a reasonable facsimile for the Zaidis of Yemen.  The graveyards of conquerors.

It’s no wonder the Romans called Yemen “Arabia Felix”, Happy Arabia, since the people have been chewing the amphetamine-like plant for millennia to keep their moods always at their most elevated even though the side-effects often involve chronic laziness, both physical and mental.  But, once the invasion starts, the Qaat becomes the Captagon of warfare enabling Houthis to leap tall buildings in a single bound and to run faster than a speeding bullet.  Never feeling pain or exhaustion, the mountain people of Yemen persist in fighting the invader until he screams: “Uncle!”.

The government of Jamaal ‘Abdul-Naasser, former president of Egypt and pan-Arab icon,  jabbed its thumb into Saudi Arabia’s eye back in 1962 after the collapse of the monumental unification of Syria and Egypt in the United Arab Republic, an event that reportedly broke Nasser’s heart.  But, it didn’t break his determination to punish Saudi Arabia for its support of the royalists in Yemen.  Egypt embarked on its own Vietnam when it sent 50,000+ troops to Yemen to fight on the side of the republican forces who were arrayed against the Saudi-backed royalists, most of whom, interestingly, were Zaydis  (Houthis).   Please note too that the Ottoman’s conquered Yemen in 1538 during the reign of Sultan Sulaymaan the Magnificent.  Once Sulaymaan died in 1567, it was the Houthis led by Imaam Mutahhar Ibn Sharafeddeen  who mounted a rebellion against the Ottomans.  One hundred years later in 1635, they were expelled in a humiliating fashion by the Houthis/Zaydis during the reign of Sultan Muraad IV.   It appears the present Sultan in Ankara is anxious to avenge that degrading withdrawal from Yemen.  Erdoghan has declared total support for the Saudi campaign in Yemen.

Egypt lost and left Yemen in 1967, just in time to get whacked in the June War of that same notorious year.   Such is the luck of Egypt.  But, Arabian luck may be even worse as you shall soon see.  

The Saudis have never fought a war with a modern army.  That is because they have no army of their own.  Almost all their pilots, except for a handful of royal family members who thought it would be really cool to learn how to fly high-performance jets in order to leave the country more quickly once the rebellion against their pre-Iron Age rule began, are foreigners, mostly Pakistanis.  There are some Jordanians who retired from service in their own miserable kingdom and graciously accepted the $250,000.00 per year salary that flying for the Wahhabists brought into their otherwise barren accounts.  The Saudis can’t tell you this, but, they can’t trust their own people.  They are genuinely terrified of engaging the services of fellow Saudis because most of their people despise Wahhabism and the profligate way the “royal” family has squandered the wealth of the nation.  There are millions of Saudis who are homeless.  You wouldn’t want to train them to fly an F-16…..would you?   A Saudi student once told me that if a Saudi Arabian citizen ever sat in an American fighter jet, his instincts would be to immediately strafe the royal palace.

And, in all their encounters with the Houthis of Yemen, they have lost each and every battle often withdrawing pell-mell into their own backyards as the Houthis advanced in hot pursuit.  Saudi officers, the few who exist, know that they cannot count on the people to fight any patriotic war for a royal family so steeped in deception, brigandage and outright vampirism, that doing so would be, in the eyes of God,  a mockery of their own true religion.

Saudi Arabia has agreed to extend its war with Shi’i Iran to the Yemen.  It was not enough for them to foment barbaric wars in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon.  Now, feeling surrounded by Iran, it has decided to take up Obama’s doctrine as its own by acting as a proxy for the United States at the coccyx of ‘Aseer, at the southern opening of the Red Sea.

The Saudi Army is a paper army. It’s equipment is poorly maintained.  Most deals for the purchase of weapons were red herrings to conceal huge transfers of moneys out of the kingdom into bank accounts in New York or the Isle of Man for the corrupt “royal” family.  This is embezzlement at its most gaudy.  When the Saudis decided they had to create another war for themselves, a war that would now force them to withdraw currency reserves due to a shortage in their coffers,  they suckered Egypt and Jordan into their “Coalition of Resolute Storm” by convincing them to send “boots”.  These are dirt-poor countries reeling from decades of incompetent management and endemic shrinkage – heck, Jordan never even had a chance having been created out of Syria’s haunches by the British in an effort to assuage the hurt feelings of the flea-bitten Hashemites of the Hijaaz.   Even after the publication of the canard about Saudia deploying 150,000 of its own troops to the 900-mile border with Yemen, their glans-like ambassador in Washington D.C. told everyone there will be no ground invasion – as though any such invasion could take place in the real world – or even worse – that Saudia really had more than 150 soldiers.


Photo of Saudi ape reconnaissance aircraft crashing after being shot down by Yemeni air defenses a few miles west of Sana’aa`. Prepare for many more of these scenes.  The airplane might have been a pilotless drone.

You would think President Sisi would pause for a moment to scrutinize what he was doing and where he was going to send his troops.  The disastrous Egyptian intervention in Yemen is still within the parameters of his memory.  And, King Abdullah II, whose own family lost Mecca and all Arabia to the self-same codpieces, jackdaws and child molesters who presently rule in Riyaadh, should sit down at his Play-Station to ruminate over the mess he already has on his border with Syria and Iraq.  If the Saudis have depleted their cash supporting the cannibals in the Fertile Crescent, how much can they draw from their reserves to pay off the Egyptian and Jordanian Armies?  Is this the end of the Saudi dynasty?  Tee hee hee.

Let’s tell the truth. Obama doesn’t like Mileikowski (a/k/a Netanyahu).  And Obama doesn’t like Netanyahu’s allies in Arabia, either.  It may be that someone has told this diffident leader of the Free World that Saudi Arabia is a military abyss with no credible warring capability.  With the Saudis having botched every effort to coordinate a policy on Syria – openly tsk-tsking Obama’s every move; Kerry’s insinuation that Washington would have to talk to Dr. Assad; or the potential resolution of the Iranian nuclear program; maybe, Obama is figuring Saudia needs this kind of bog-wash to finally get it out of his graying hair.  The Saudis are, of course, a standing embarrassment to everyone who thinks of himself as a 21st Century Man or Woman.   The bizarre infatuation with “active” retrogressive devolution of society; the psychopathic antipathy to women – a hostility so mired in simian ideation it creates its own precedents when there are none – women can’t drive cars; women can’t travel without a male relative; beheading sorcerers; beheading blasphemers; beheading marijuana smugglers; beheading homosexuals; prohibiting alcohol; prohibiting cinemas.  I mean, it’s almost a world designed by Ted Cruz for his imaginary Texas.  No. I think Obama wants to break the link to Arabia and is deliberately snookering the deliriously desperate nabobs of nihilism into a self-immolating act that will free the United States from the stifling stigma of mere association with Wahhabism.

Out of this roiling cauldron of misbegotten recipes concocted certainly by a British felon emanates the aroma of imminent disaster.  The Egyptians are sending 2 battleships to the Red Sea to protect the waters at the Baab Al-Mandib Straits.  Ooooh.  And, they have suggested the amphibious landing of their troops to further that aim.  I wonder how the first officer who lands is going to feel when he sees ten thousand angry Houthis charge his salient resembling the angry mobs of Boxers made famous in the movie “The Sand Pebbles”?  As they swarm over his position, their saliva infused with the restorative powers of Qaat, will he curse President Sisi?  Will he curse the Saudis?  Wouldn’t it be nice if the Russians delivered Yakhont ground-to-sea missiles along with a complement of Syrian technicians?  Wouldn’t that be a hoot?

And what about the Jordanian army being sent to help with the coalition?  The coalition!  The Jordanian government insists it’s not going to encroach on Yemeni soil.  So, what are the Jordanians doing so far from their mythical kingdom of Lilliput?  Are the Saudis so afraid of the Houthis they need all this support?  You betcha.  The Saudis are rightfully terrified that the Houthis will reclaim the entire area of ‘Aseer and Tihaama.  And why shouldn’t they?  Most Saudis will greet them more hospitably than they would the leprous Wahhabis of the Najd.  The Houthis will be viewed as liberators in the form of populists.  Iran will further expand its influence as the Saudi “royals”  soil their dishdaashas at the very thought the apostates of Persia have completed the encirclement of the heresy the Saudi clan has imposed on its own people and the Arab World.  Theocracy v. Theocracy.  And may the best man win.

In the meantime, the U.S. is surreptitiously retooling its foreign policy to both inaugurate a détente with Iran and to usher in a civilized but cautious relationship with Syria.  In order to get their “quantum of wantum” in Iraq (i.e. some bases) Americans need the quietude of Iran and Syria.  They also need to keep the Saudi dog far hence which is why Obama is so determined to trip up the Saudis in the quagmire of Yemen.  Some might argue that my hypothesis makes no sense.  Why would Iran look aside at new U.S. bases in Iraq which would threaten the country’s internal system?  Good question.  What I am saying is that the United States prefers a powerful Iran which is capable of maintaining order in the Gulf as opposed to a “rogue” state, like Saudi Arabia, fueling nihilistic militants who are determined to wreak havoc in the Western World and in the Gulf.  Efforts to curb Saudia’s penchant for bankrolling terrorist groups like ISIS have met with failure.  When the U.S. presses down on a nerve, the Saudis recoil accusing the U.S. of backpedaling.  It’s been very frustrating for Obama to have to deal with a Zionist State incapable of bringing the tragedy of Palestine to a close.  It has been even more frustrating trying to get the Saudis to shut the faucet that nourishes barbarians like ISIS.

The Saudis are embarking on an aerial war similar to the one waged by Bill Clinton against Serbia.  Saudia thinks it can break the will of the Houthis by destroying infrastructure.  That might work if the Houthis just sit back and do nothing but mope.  History says they don’t just recline on their rugs and chew Qaat.  It is our prediction here at SyrPer that the Houthis will take the battle aggressively to the Saudis in the north.  They will attack the very poorly trained and woefully demoralized Saudi army – or whatever they claim is “massing” on the Yemeni border.  Expect widespread desertions and (as new systems arrive),  Saudi bombers crashing into the mountains of the Yemen.  The Saudis have bitten off more than they can chew.  It is one thing to funnel money to terrorists in Syria.  It is something wholly different when you are the terrorist yourself.