Deobandi takfiri khawarij are ideological enemies of Pakistan – Zaid Hamid

The innocent little boys and girls of the Lal masjid Madrassa!
This whole war of Khawarij has been fought under the fatwas of Mullahs who have given the justification to these animals to kill, loot, rape and murder Muslims at large in Pakistan. The ideological leaders of this fitnah are more lethal than the suicide bombers as these fatwas constantly breed more dogs.. Mullah Aziz is one such rabid dog of hell ! Fazal, samee, Shah Abdul Aziz, Mufti Naeem are others.. Munawwar Hasan is also not far behind and now Siraj also.

The war Pakistan is fighting today is radically different from the wars we fought in the past. Not just militarily, but also ideologically. In the previous wars, we fought against Hindus, Communists & even Jews in the Middle East. The religious high ground was always with the army.
This is the first war where the enemy is also apparantly Muslim, using the same Islamic narrative, using the same language & religious terms. Secondly, this war is being fought within the cities, masjids, schools, bazaars & in every segment of the society & the state, not on borders.
To fight this war, Pak Army needs not just total support from the entire society but also a strong religious narrative to counter the enemy. In fighting the Kuffar enemies, Pak Army never had the need to build a special religious narrative. It came naturally as enemies were Kafirs.
Militarily, Pak Army as a professional Muslim fighting force had never faced the serious crisis of facing an internal enemy using religion.
I had understood this crisis of the Pak Army way back in 2007 & went public on media to counter & destroy the religious narrative of TTP.
The fact is that Pak Army took a long time under Musharraf & Kayani to understand the religious axis of this 4th Gen War. We suffered a lot. Musharaf tried to counter this religious narrative of the Khawarij through a secular “enlightened moderation” ideology. He failed miserably.
Gen Kayani, never built a narrative and just tried to fight a reactive war through military means only. We took even more casualties..
During Kayani & Mush era, I did face extreme frustration as I built & deployed a strong religious narrative but army did not deploy it.
It is only under Raheel & Rizwan that we are seeing a strong & mature attempt at countering the enemies on both religious & military axis. Khawarij propaganda is reaching out to every segment of the society – students, armed forces, clergy. The counter attack must also be fierce.
This is where every Pak Muslim can join this war & fight back ruthlessly. Destroy the religious narrative of Khawarij & reclaim our faith!! Every Pakistani Muslim should take part in this Jihad against Khawarij.
Dont expect ISPR to do it. We need to defend our army here. Last 7 years of our efforts have comprehensively defeated the Khawarij narrative. Nations & army knows their reality now. Time to Finish them.


These Mullahs are not insane. They are not ignorant either. They are extremely shrewd, cunning and evil to the core. The whole world is putting pressure on Pakistan to stop the death sentence and look what Siraj says … ufff.
History has noted their names and faces. Now they will be remembered as those who betrayed the Ummah, millat and the country in this war. Shame upon them in dunya, shame upon them in akhira !


Those who defend the Khawarij say that the slaughter of the Children in Peshawar is done by blackwaters and CIA and not by TTP. What can we say to this insanity ?? The entire leadership of Deoband in Pakistan is involved either in defending the Khawarij or staying silent…. execpt Mufti Usmani, who has shown real courage here.
Rest of them, inshAllah, will rise with the Khawarij on the day of judgment.


This is a decisive war to defend Ummat e Rasul (sm) from the fitnah of Khawarij and Mushriks ! We will NOT allow any Kharji supporter to attack us from the back and betray the millat ! Ulama e Deoban will either have to declare TTP as Khawarij or be ready to face the swords of the soldiers of Rasul Allah (sm).


Let me make one point clear.
Deoband is NOT a sect within Muslims. It is only a school.
All those who call themselves as Deobandis are Muslims, Sunnis and Hanafis.
All those who call themselves as Barelvis are also Muslims, Sunnis and Hanafis.
So, if someone stop calling themselves as Deobanids, he will remain a Muslim, a Sunni and a hanafi. Calling yourself Deobandis is NOT part of Islam, Imaan, Fiqh or sect.
We dont care about the aqeeda of Deobandis or any other sect. Allah will deal with them there. Our disagreement is on the Political and Military Policies of that school which is Deoband.
Politically and Militarily, Deoband are defenders of Mushriks and Khawarij.They opposed Pakistan, they still support Mushriks and they support Khawarij. Mushriks use Deoband to attack Pakistan and kill our children.
So, what should all good “deobandis” do ?? They should do what Ashraf Ali Thanvi did and Allama Shabbir ahmed Usmani did. Once both these top Deobandi scholars knew that their Darul Uloom is now fully supporting the Mushriks against Muslims, both of them resigned from deoband and supported Pakistan movement.
Today, I ask all pro-Pakistan “deobandis” to resign from Deoband, stop calling yourself as deobandi and come on the side of Pakistan openly.
By resigning from deoband, you will remain a Muslim, Sunni and Hanafi. nothing will change except that on the day of judgement, you will not stand in the company of Fazal, samee, Naeem, Fazlullah, Hakeem ullah and Mangal Bagh and also Gandhi, Nehru and other Mushriks — because that’s where all Deoband will stand as they were with them in dunya, so they will be with them in akhira !
Chose your sides.. We are with Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm), Khulfa e Rashideen and Pakistan in dunya and inshAllah in akhira also.


His father Mufti Mehmood had said about themselves that that Deobandis were not part the “Sin” of creating Pakistan ! Now his rascal son says they are not part of the “sin”of defending Pakistan !! Innalillahe inna ilehe rajeoon !!
Why I should not wage a war against these Khawarij and Mushrik supporters ??


Then they say why we take the name of Deobandis ! All Mullahs from deoband have taken out their daggers against Military courts to protect their Khawarij dogs of hell. CII is led by a JUI leader who is now going to give a fatwa that Mil Courts aganst Khawarij are Haram. He remains silent when his Kharji brother Fazlullah owns the killing of our children and promise to do more attacks !! Astaghfurullah !
Mufti Naeem, Fazal, Samee, Shirani, Tahor ashrafi and Tariq Jameel are all openly supporting the Khawarij either by silence and NOT calling them Khawarij or by attacking the Mil courts. This is the entire leadership of Deoband in Pakistan !! Now you understand what that Mushrik Aji Kumar Doval said about Deoband !
We will be very harsh on them now for this treason with ummat e Rasul (sm) !


More dogs hanged and sent to hell !
Now we see massive noise and resistance from Deobandi Mullahs who are fiercely resisting the Military courts and these executions. Is there any doubt left on whose sides these deobandi pro-Mushriks, Khawarij are ?? This was the moment when they should have stood with the nation but shame a million upon them… Fazal says he is not part of the “Sin” to make military courts ! His father had said that they are not part of the “sin” of creating Pakistan ! Astaghfurullah !
InshAllah, Fazal, Samee, Mufti Naeem will rise with the Khawarij, Nehru, Gandhi and Mushriks on the day of judgement for they are with them in dunya, so will be with them in Akhira also !


All parties and politicians are having sessions in Parliament to approve Military Courts. Only two kind of snakes are oposing and resisting the courts which are a national demand, need of the time and a serious step towards winning this war.
Who are these two groups ??
1. Liberal Beyghirats — the Asma Jahangir types..
2. The Deobandi leadership – Fazal, Siraj, Samee…
This is a clear and most visible proof that both these groups belong to a same class of RAW stooges, working against Pakistan, supportive of Khawarij, refusing to call them Khawarij and both groups are resisting the death penalty to the Khawarij !!
Do I need to say more on the filthy, dirty, sinister role of Deoband Mullahs and their Liberal beygairat friends, both feed from the hands of Ajit Kumar Doval !!


This snake is the present Indian National Security Adviser, responsible for waging the 5th Gen War against Pakistan. Here he is spilling the secrets of the Indian war strategy against Pakistan.
He is proudly and happily explaining how Hindu Mushriks are using Deoband to create Khawarij to destroy Pakistan !
Yes, this is the Mushrik-Deoband-Khawarij axis he is talking about confirming our analysis that all Khawarij are deobandi !!
Now we want the leaders of Deoband in Pakistan to clear their position on this statement of Ajit Doval ! JUI, Fazal, Samee, TJ & Mufti Naeem MUST clearly explain the position of all factions of deoband.
Pak army is fighting Zarb e Azb against these Khawarij from deoband who are funded and backed by Mushriks ! Any one who supports Khawarij or do not speak against them will be treated as Kharji !! We will not show any mercy here. Deoband Ulama MUST clear their position after this Doval speach..


Remember this law of Deen: NOT every new thing added become a Bida !! Let us explain.
Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) NEVER compiled Quran in a book form. It was memorized or was written by various Sahabas on their own. In the times of Khilafat e Rashida, when so many Huffaz were martyred in a battle, it was suggested to compile and collect the Quran in a book. Sayyadna Abu Bakr was reluctant as Rasul Allah (sm) had not done it. some Sahabas were extremely careful not to start a Bida but then it was agreed that this new innovation is NOT the bida Allah has forbidden. So Quran was collected, compiled, written and spread as a book.
Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) discouraged writing of Ahadees. Sahabas never did it. Sayyadna Umer even prevented Hazrat Abu Huraira from narrating Ahadees. First proper book of Ahadees Muta Imam Malik came 150 years after Sayaydi Rasul Allah !! NO ONE Called it a bida for it was needed at that time as people had begun to forget ahadees and their compilation has become a necessity.
Sahabas Never had documented codified law or Fiqh. It was NOT done during times of Rasul Allah (sm) and Khulfa e Rashideen. But when the Islamic lands expanded, there was a need for a codified law. For the first time, Imam Malik, then Imam Shfii, then other Imams created Fiqh, 2 to 3 hundred years after Khilafat e Rashida. NO sahabi, Tabii or Taba tabii was called Hanfi, Maliki, shafii or Hanbli or Ahl Hadees, Salfi or Shia ! Are these terms Bida too ??
NO Sahaba ever trasnlated Quran. It was not done for the next 1000 years !! in India, first persian translation was done by Shah Wali Ullah. People called it a bida but Shah WaliUllah explained the wisdom that people have forgotton arabic and its translaiton is needed as the objective is to teach the wisdom of Quran to the people. NO ONE then objected and translations started all over the Ummah. That was NOT a bad bida but a needed Ijtihad to spread the message.
There is direct Hukm of Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) to teach your children love of Rasul Allah and Ahl Beyt and teach them to read Quran. The Hukm has been given directly and the methods have been left to the Ummah to decide.
In the beginning, Sahabas had seen Rasul Allah (sm), lived with him and knew him closely. But after decades and centuries, when Islam spread to farthest corners of the world, people did not know Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm). There was NO media, no TV, no books, no way to travel great distances for all the people to go to Medina to visit Masjid e Nabwi, so some people drew from the original hukm & organized proper Milad celebrations where love of Sayyadi Rasul Allah was developed.
This is NOT a bida but the need of the time to make sure that Ummah know the beautiful attributes of Sayyadi Rasul Allah. For centuries, this has been accepted as the normal good practice to fulfil the hukm of Sayyadi Rasul Allah to teach your children and people love and adab of Sayyadi and ahl beyt. This is NOT a bad bida. This is NOT an innovation. Sahabas did not need this. We need this. Sahabas did NOT need fiqh, books of Hadees & written translated Quran. we need these. These do NOT become bida. These are the permissions within the boundaries of Ijtihad and Ijmah of the Ummah.
There is NO deen without the love of Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm). Any means adopted to develop love of Sayyadi is NOT bida but Fard in these times of fitnah !
May Allah bless us with the love of Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) and protect is from shirk, kufr and bida.


The Jews brought a woman to Prophet Isa (as) and wanted to stone her to death because she had done adultery. Sayyadna Isa asked the crowed that they should stone the woman if they have not committed the adultery themselves ! Upon hearing this, the raging mad crowd just went silent and started to disperse…
It is total and shameless munafiqat to call others as doing shirk and Bida when you yourself are soaking in Kufr, shirk and haram..
Today, we hear fatwas of Bidat & shirk from some people to those Muslims who feel happy over milad celebrations. The shameful part is that those putting these allegations of Bidat are themselves drenched in Kufr, shirk and Bidat but they have the audacity to create fitnah.
Following are total haram, forbidden, Kufr which is being done by all those who are champions of bida theory today..
Did sahabas used paper currency ? Banks ?
Did Sahabas formed political parties ? followed parliamentary democracy ?
Did Sahabas formed Kings and dynasties ?
Did Sahabas dealt in bonds, shares, interest based fractional reserve economic models ?
Did sahabas divided the Ummah in nation states with visas, passports and travel restrictions based on ethnicity and language ?
Didnt Rasul Allah (sm) categorically said to eject all Jews and Christians from Arabia while the biggest Zionist bases are in Hejaz, Najd and Gulf ?? is that Halal ??
We have to be very frank here. This concept of Bida has originated from Saudi arabia after the Wahabi movement got hold there which supported the British through Lawrence of Arabia to destroy the Usmani Khilafat. Is it Halal and Farz to join hands with Zionists to kill your own Muslim Turkish brothers to destroy the Khilafat to form your own Kingship ?? Im sure its not bida ! right ??
The entire Ummah can NEVER be united on Kufr, Bidat and Shirk. Under Ottomon Khilafat, Muslims from 3 Continents lived under the Khalifa and were united — from Armenia to Yugoslavia to Medina to Tunisia — in celebrating the Milad, with all the Aulia, Ulama of all Tareeq, Fiqh and Mazahib, joining in with love and adab.
Those who are actually at war with Rasul Allah (sm) talk about Bida when someone recites a Naaat shareef on Milad.. Inna lillahe..


It is strange fitnah & waswasa of shaitan that he creates when someone tries to remember Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm).
Those raising objections are themselves are drowned in Haram, filth and scum from head to toe in Riba, banking, paper currency, fractional reserve, bonds, share gambling and all sorts of financial haram filth through this riba based economic system which is WAR against Allah and His Rasul (sm). Saudi Muftis do not see that their govt is the biggest broker of Riba based banking system. Same is for Iran also. Turkey and Pakistan govt are no different.
We have muftis in Haram who give fatwas that Banking is Halal but Naat Shareef is Haram !! Innalillahe inna ilehe rajeoon !
Tabarāni narrates on the authority of Ali, May Allah be pleased with him, that the Prophet ﷺ said:
أدبوا أولادكم على ثلاث خصال حب نبيكم وحب أهل بيته وعلى قراءة القرآن فان حملة القرآن في ظل الله يوم لا ظل إلا ظله مع أنبيائه وأصفيائه
‘Teach your children three qualities: Love of your Prophet; Love of his family and the recitation of the Quran. Verily the learned of the Quran will be with the Prophets and the pious in the shade of Allah’s mercy on The Day when there will be no shade but His.’
This is up to us to find ways to teach our children love and adab. If Milad is done with this niyat, then it is Hukm of Syyadi to do it.
Have any Sahaba ever done annual Tableeghi Ijtima ? Or Chilla of 40 days or for 3 days ?? Have any Sahaba ever given azaan for Tahahhud ?? Have ever Sahabas involved themselves in such Dunya and wealth as we see the rulers and Ulama of modern times ?? Is that not haram, not bidaa ??
Stay silent please. DO NOT object on expressions of love for Sayyadi Rasul Allah.
We live in times when Muslims DO NOT know their Rasul Allah (sm). We need to teach our children his love and adab. This should be done every day of the year… Every day should be a celebration that Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) came to us.. Sayyadi Rasul Allah used to fast every Monday because it was his birthday ! This is mentioned in clear ahadees.
Developing the Love of Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) is the purpose. You can have many methods to develop it. The process is not important. The end result is. Do not create fasad within Ummah because someone wants to feel happy on the arrival of Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm).


MashAllah, Milad un Nabi (sm) is the greatest moment of history, celebrated on heavens and earth, forever and always..
It really hurts when we hear extreme views on the subject. This is NOT an issue of Fatwas or argument or debate. When Imam Malik walked barefoot in Medina, he did it in love of Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm). There is NO fatwa that Muslims should walk barefoot in Medina. But Imam Malik, the greatest Imam of Hadees in Medina, never wore shoes nor rode a horse in love and adab of Sayyadi (sm). No body said to him that you are doing bidat or shirk.
Pl do not apply fatwas on the matters of love and adab of Sayaydi Rasul Allah (sm).
Listen to this lecture. It will clarify your confusions on the subject. In matters displaying your love for Sayyadi, if the act itself it not haram, there is NO restriction to it.
Milad un Nabi Mubarak to the Ummah !


Team, you got to see this. Shamelessness & Beyghairty at its peak!!
We always knew that Mufti Naeem and his gangs are part of the Khawarij. When we asked them to explain their position, they did this press conference. Listen to this and all you can say in disgust is Innalillahe inna ilehe rajeoon !!
What they are saying is that Peshawar incident is bad and it is done by “Namaloom afraad” and they are NOT going to take the name of TTP nor they are call them Khawarij !! Astaghfurullah !!!
They accept that they are Ulama. They accept that they have higher duty in society to speak the truth. They accept that Peshawar is a crime against humanity BUT they are NOT willing to name TTP as the animals nor calling them as Khawarij !!
What else is munafiqat and Islam dushmani if this is not ?? they think the nation is made up of total fools that we fall for their lies, deceptions and fabrications ??? Shame a million on Mufti Naeem and his gang…
Now you say that we speak against them… we should actually hang them through military courts… these are the snakes in our ranks..
They MUST call TTP as the criminals and Khawarij and out of Islam. Why on earth they cannot say this ??? Namaloom afraad, my foot !!


Where are the defenders of the defenders of Khawarij ?
Since -16th December, 2014- We have been trying to find videos “Ulema” of Deoband (Fazal ur rehman, Samee ul haq, Tariq Jameel, Siraj ul haq, Mufti naeem, etc) disowning the murderers of more than 160 children and even calling them as Khawarij. No video found yet. Is it not strange?
We also asked friends to share any video where the murders of approx 100,000 Pakistanis are called Khawarij by these “Maulanas”. Only Rafi Usmani Sb’s video came to light, rest of deoband, it seems, has a policy of ‘no comments’ regarding the khawarij of TTP. When we asked this question we were told that we are spreading sectarianism.
It has been more than two weeks. We are still waiting for any video to be shared by the maulanas/ulemas of deoband or followers of deoband.
Where are the defenders of “Maulana” Tariq Jameel?
Where are the defenders of “Maulana” Fazal ur rehman
Where are the defenders of “Maulana” Samee ul haq
Where are the defenders of “Maulana” Siraj ul haq
Where are the defenders of “Maulana” Mufti naeem
Instead of blaming the patriots of spreading ‘Sectarianism’, ask your “Ulema” why they are hands in glove with TTP Khawarij.


Mufti Rafi Usmani is a brave Deobandi scholar. He is serving Deen as well. He has thousand of followers and he did what any good alim will do in these times of fitnah. He cleared the confusion on Khawarij, called them Zalimaan and asked army to crush them. We respect him for this.
Now why cant other deobandis whose names and pics we have given in the previous posts say the same words which Mufti Rafi has said ?? If they stay silent , then they are munafiqeen, liars and Ulama e Soo, NOT Ulama e Haqq !!! We will attack them fiercely…
Tariq Jameel is part of Tableeghi Jamaat from where many TTP fighter goes to join Khawarij. That is why it is critical for TJ to clearly say that TTP are Khawarij as his words are listened to by the Tableeghi Jamaat. All members of Lej, SSP (Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan aka ASWJ), TTP and Ahrar find their recruits from Tableeghi Jamaat. Only a fool will deny this fact. Now you know why we want TJ to say what Mufti Rafi has said ?? Ask him to answer. You stay silent.