There is no compulsion in faith: The Quran



What is the import/meaning of the verse, “No compulsion in faith Qur’an 2:256”?
1. Faith /Religion cannot be imposed on anyone. No one can be compelled to accept / enter into a Religion.
2. No one may be punished for renouncing (Leaving) a religion, called “apostasy”.
3. No one can be excommunicated / or kicked out of a Religion by any clergy /governmental authority.
4. No one can be compelled to perform a particular kind of worship. Worship can not be imposed upon anyone, for it will loose any spiritual significance.
5. No one can inquire into another person’s faith or religion to ascertain his truth or fallacy.
6. No one can play ‘God’ and pass verdicts about the wrong or right of another person to ‘condemn him to hell’ or declare ‘wajib-ul-qatal’ . No “Inquisition” possible.
7. Any authority may ONLY intervene in disputes with regard to trespassing the personal rights of one person by another but NOT the “Rights of God” upon His Creatures (like to worship Him, Fasting, Praying etc.) these can not be interfered with.
8. Divine instructions which are meant to reform a believer spiritually and to attain His nearness, cannot be imposed perforce.
9. Belief or disbelief in God or His Teachings may only be left to a person’s free WILL / CHOICE, otherwise there can be no Reward or Retribution if compelled to comply with.
10. The verse dispels any fictitious concept or law of Blasphemy rendering it null and void.
11. All violence or killing in the name of Religion are against the import of this verse of the Holy Quran. War cannot be waged for religious issues, but only for the Rights of human beings.