Tahir Ashrafi is free to enjoy his Vodka if he lets non-Deobandis enjoy their religious rituals


What is this liberal romanticism with Tahir Ashrafi? First, they called him a moderate peace loving cleric over the issue of Qadri and Asia bibi and now they are defending him telling us its his personal matter to be drunk. People who take liberties and fundamental rights away from other people can not claim those for themselves.

Ashrafi is free to enjoy his Vodka if he lets Shias enjoy their Azadari or Ahmadis their namaaz. A cursory look on his twitter feed tells you the whole story. Similarly, these liberals were fooled over Qadri issue while this fat drum was not defending Taseer but only creating Qadri as a poster boy for “Barelvi terrorism”.

He was playing his sectarian cards well trying to create a smokescreen that Deobandis do not have the monopoly on terrorism. On any day, he will call for beheading gustaakh-e-rasool be it Taseer or Asia bibi.