Enmity—At whose cost? – By Khawar Ayaz

Enmity—At whose cost?
Khawar Ayaz

Daily Mail, 4th November, 2010


DESIRE for a cup of tea with Ch. Pervaiz Ellahi has stirred a storm in the political circles. When Palestinians can meet and talk with Israeli government officials then what is the big deal if two leaders decide to have a cup of tea and talk about political season which has set in along with gloomy autumn.

In a talk show we saw Mr. Wasim Sajjad, Ms. Fauzia Wahab, Shaikh Rashid Ahmed and of course the loyal Sadique-ul-Farooq discussing the merits and demerits of a cup of tea.

This time around Ms. Fauzia had her beautiful smile and twinkle in her eyes when she listened to PML (N) musketeer speaking of moral values in politic. Shaikh Rashid trying to bring some sense to the debate while Wasim Sajjad only spoke 2 or 3 times. Nice and crispy sentences. The Musketeer kept on praising Shaheed BiBi and repeating history without thinking twice as to what he was talking. Politics is like the ever changing seasons. Boats sail with the wind and not against it.

Of late we saw political Muslims gathering at the Astana of Pir Sain and begging of him to pray for them and guide them to the driving seat. It is never too late for stock taking. The divided clan has learnt at last at the cost of poor masses that “Divided we fall – United we stand”.

Some have reservations amongst the Muslims about a unified clan. Yes they seem to be influenced by the religious division, each claiming to be a true Muslims and thus powerful. This very trend we are witnessing in Political unification also they are ready to unite on condition of minus 3 – The Musketeer was heard talking on phone with an anchor person that his party is ready to join forces if his chief is crowned. Now what is this? Where does the nation fit in their agenda – in the given circumstance is any one’s guess?

Not only I but the entire nation is confused and lost – not knowing what to do to survive politically. At this stage I threw my pen and sat depressed thinking how much time these leaders of ours have fighting each other for personal gains. In disorientation I picked up an English daily newspaper which prints Hazrat Ali’s (A.S) saying under the title of “Reflections” – it is said if you are sincere and faithful then God guides you – so He did and I came across this saying of Hazrat Ali (A.S) “Enmity is the occupation of fools”. How correct he was. By breeding Enmity precious time is lost and only fools can afford to waste time.

We the innocent people tend to forget all those happenings which may reflect the wrong doings of ours. What happened in Islamabad Hotel immediately after Muhammad Khan Junejo removal by Zia. Was not the Muslim League which confronted Zia slaughtered – By whom – yes the faithful few of Zia.

Ten years contract is coming to an end in December and people are now talking of change, long march and what not. In their heart of heart they are sure that any move for in – house change will fail and to me it appears they are in no mood for it as they won’t come to power – their ultimate goal is mid–term elections. Can we afford the price of it at this juncture when we are in economic crises?

Having being baptized and all actions and sins washed people have started to behave like angels. Prior to being baptized entry in the corridors of power was forbidden and to taste the power they took up positions in the corridors. Had they been sincere then they would have kept the coalition intact. No seeing that they can’t deliver they walked out telling a fairytale to the astonished nation.

PML-N and Moral Values? Doesnt make sense!

Of what moral values they are talking now – where is it in the case of Punjab – what a comedy – Government functioning on stay order which would, as we see, will be in force up to 2013.

Only he who is honest and pious is allowed to throw the first stone and how many in politics are, is anybody guess. The number of like-minded group of PML both in the National Assembly and Punjab Assembly came into being on whose desire. Just see as to which constituencies they belong.

I was a little confused about Enmity’s spelling; so I picked up my Oxford Advanced Learners’ Dictionary and see how the word Enmity has been used in a sentence by Oxford people; I would like to conclude my article with it.

Personal Enmities must be forgotten at a time of national crises”.