This is the worst American-Hindu-Jewish conspiracy of the year!

Our Talibanic media, our everything-Arab-worshiping politicians and generals, and religious leaders have always explained that no Muslim can do any act of barbarity. Every suicide bombing, destruction of schools, and rape of women is dubbed a big lie and an American-Hindu-Jewish conspiracy against Islam. How would they explain the news report below? (O.K.)

Pakistani boy raped, killed in mosque

Thursday, 17 Dec, 2009 DUBAI, Dec 16: Dubai public prosecutor on Wednesday demanded the death penalty for an Emirati man who confessed to raping and murdering a four-year-old boy in a mosque as worshippers offered prayers nearby.

“This heinous crime which has shocked society… necessitates a quick trial,” prosecutor Issam Al Humaidan said in a statement. “The culprit has abandoned all human values in committing such crime. That is why the prosecution has demanded the death sentence for him,” he added. The statement said the case had been referred to the Dubai criminal court.

The defendant, 30, has confessed to raping and killing the Pakistani boy who was found dead in the bathroom of the mosque on Nov 17 (during Eidul Azha holidays), it said.

He said he lured the boy to the bathroom by saying he would give him a cash present to mark the holidays.

As the boy tried to scream after being sexually assaulted, the attacker muzzled him and banged his head on the floor, killing him.—AFP,-killed-in-mosque-729