Job in Islamabad – some opportunity – by Suhail

Job in Islamabad – some opportunity – by Suhail

IslamabadIslamabad is the capital city of Pakistan and unlike other cities; a job in Islamabad offers a range of opportunities to both its residents and outsiders. Not only this, foreigners are no new feat in Islamabad. Time has brought changes and they’re welcome now, making it a real ‘cosmopolitan’ city. These foreigners also look for jobs and often find some good ones.

What kind of job opportunities can you find in Islamabad? I have discussed a few as follows:

1.      Islamabad offers you a good number of job opportunities. Some of the high-ranking job opportunities you’ll find here are in the fields of accounting, IT, and data capturing.

2.      United Nations also offers a number of job opportunities in Islamabad. Islamabad has always been a hub of United Nation’s jobs and many NGOs working for humanitarian purposes have their offices here. Although the political instability prevailing throughout Pakistan for many years has resulted in a disastrous impact over the society, it hasn’t affected the job opportunities that are available. Rather, opportunities are increasing as more people are needed for humanitarian or peacekeeping agencies.

3.       If you’re good in English language, get ready as this is your chance! Many companies prefer foreigners because their first language is English. This isn’t a good sign for the native population.. However, a strong grasp over the language can make you a good competitor..

4.      If you’re looking for a job in Islamabad in the education sector,  you will be quite welcomed as it has many well-known educational institutions always in need of good teachers and professors for their institution.

5.      Unfortunately, the political instability in Pakistan accompanied with natural disasters has had a negative impact on the population’s health. This has caused extra burdening over the hospital’s staff. So hiring of new staff to overcome extra burdens has become a necessity. Hence, jobs for doctors and paramedics are in demand.

Towards the end, I would like to suggest that if you’re seriously looking for a job in Islamabad, instead of deciding everything on your own, better take help of a recruitment agency. You definitely would have various considerations about your job, for example, about the company you are making a start with, your accommodation place, arrangement of your transport, etc. Worrying about so many things could fall heavy and can be tiring. Although these companies will charge you a fee, they shall get you through all your requirements.