The Taliban apologists – by Farrukh Khan Pitafi

. . . . We citizens of Punjab have proven more gullible in the past in buying the jihadi set of rationalisations. Since Osama and the Taliban were known to have shown more tolerance toward the Muslim Leagues based in Punjab, and make no mistake the province is inundated with the supporters of the Leagues, we find so many people resorting to generalisations like “no Muslim can attack a mosque” or “war can solve nothing” or “a Muslim army should not be fighting Muslims”. But guess what? This brand of Muslims not only attacks mosques but also takes pleasure in acknowledging it.

Let us face it. Our country is under attack from people who believe in the perversion of our faith. This gang of thugs is so reductionist in its worldview that it now considers the citizens of this country as its enemies. Our forces are fighting these enemies of civilisation, sacrificing their lives in the process, and seem to have struck some raw nerve of the terrorists recently. That is why the terror attacks are getting more desperate. That is also why the erstwhile critics of Pakistan in the western media are now reporting that al Qaeda is fleeing from the region. That way lies the solution of cleansing the country of such rogue elements. We must not waver and should stand with our forces as they reclaim our country from the terrorists. And for perhaps the first time dear readers, I implore you to boycott the apologists of the terrorists when they appear in the media, when they walk in your streets, or come to meet you. This we should do in the love of our dear ones who have so untimely departed.\12\10\story_10-12-2009_pg3_5