This 14th August can change the scenario- by Muhammad Amjad Rashid

63 years have been completed today but still there is a process of
nation building in Pakistan. Korea & China started their race of
progress and prosperity in global world some years after us but they
have passed us over and have reached miles ahead of us. We are still a
directionless nation because of long dictatorship periods. If we see
the other side of picture, then we found Pakistani nation as one of
the strongest nation of the world because it has the capacity to bear
as big disaster as it can happen. History is evident that Pakistani
nation bore many distresses and disasters like War of 1948, Martial
Law of Ayub Khan, War of 1965, War of 1971 in which we lost our half
part and our 90,000 army men along with some areas of recent Pakistan
were in custody of enemy, Martial Law of Zia-ul-Haq, Assassination of
Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, Flood in Zia regime, Millions of Afghan refugees,
Kashmir problem, emerging Indian attacks on our borders after Kashmir
Jihad, Breakage of four democratic governments one by one,
Dictatorship of Gen. Pervez Musharraf, Earthquake of October 2005 and
now we are facing one of the biggest flood in the history of world.
Although our political and administrative system is defaulted but it
is like a miracle that we got through these distresses and kept the
map of Pakistan on the globe. We bore a big poverty but we managed to
make atomic bomb to rescue Pakistan which was desperately need of us
as we are neighbors of China, Russia and specially our worst enemy
India which had made atomic bomb in 70’s. We bore drugs and illegal
weapons in our streets being used openly but we never hesitated to
rescue our Afghan brothers in every bad time. We always stood with
Afghanistan in every thick and thin.
Natural disasters are part of life cycle of nations and it is the
custom of this earth since thousand of years. Earthquakes, floods,
storms and fires have destroyed humanity many times but humanity has
the tendency to overcome these difficulties. It is in almost every
country of the world that natural disasters happen and Pakistan always
helped world in such type of distresses specially Sri Lanka,
Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Indonesia, Laos, Zimbabwe and Nepal.
Now we are facing very big disaster having flood in all over Pakistan
effecting almost 15 million people in Pakistan. No doubt it is very
sad and situation is not coming under control but if we are united
then we can not only face it but we can defeat this distress. We can
defeat this distress so that our previous 63 years failures can be
forgotten. The thing we need is passion and dedication to defeat this
flood. Only donations will not do the task but we have to be sincere
with this work. Literate people in Pakistan should make awareness in
general public about the losses we got in flood and still getting. We
should exit from provincialism and our thinking about our own areas
and we should think about only one Pakistan. 14th August remembers us
about the biggest migration of the world in which we lost millions of
lives, we lost our properties, our cattle, our luggage and even our
women and children but we kept determined to make Pakistan successful
and we did it.
14th August 2010 demands us the passion of 14th August 1947 again.
History repeats itself and we should repeat our sacrifices, our
passions and our dedications again for Pakistan which is our dear
homeland. Our media should realize that it is the time of unity, not
criticizing government negatively. In every country, media always
stands with its government in such type of natural disasters but in
Pakistan it is very sad that media is still showing its pomp and show.
It is not realizing that how crucial time Pakistan is facing and our
country needs true and positive role of media to support government
not only at national level, but also on international level to make
attention of whole world for us. If our common people, our media, our
youngsters and students, our literate people, our poets, our scholars
and even our every person stands along with our government then we
shall definitely create a history. If we can manage this and then we
continue this spirit in every aspect of life then no doubt 14th August
2010 can change the scenario of Pakistan.