Let’s wipe the tears of the victims- By Tasbeeh Fayaz

Rainfall seems to be pleasant and refreshing for the well off people, who live in urban areas but at the same time it appears to be mournful for the destitute, who cannot afford proper homes. Last few days proved to be extremely tragic due to the constant flooding which took place in the northern Pakistan, along with few areas from the southern part of Punjab.


Over a thousand people have lost their lives as a result of these floods. Many more thousands have become homeless. Everyone is aware of the fact that rehabilitation is possible due to the government aid but the loss of lives is simple irreparable.

Extremely heart rending footages were aired, which showed the ways of how the fast flowing water washed away huge buildings. Those lush green fields of Punjab now hold stagnant water and those unpaved homes, which were built after saving months’ salaries, have now drowned. All those people, who are affected by this flood, lived at the lowest degree of poverty. Lack of relief has made the situation more troublesome. Shortage of food, water and other legitimate needs is leading further misery for the victims.

Pakistan has suffered from many such incidents in the past as well but it was the ceaseless work of our dedicated people, which helped to heal the wounds of the victims. Time has arrived again when our fellow countrymen are calling upon us for help. We would have to donate generously in any way possible. We shall work with full verve and this could amplify the nation’s prosperity.