Taliban establish a new FM radio station in the Upper Dir area

On 19 June 2008, The News reported that:

Emboldened by their unchallenged activities in the troubled Swat valley, Maulana Fazlullah-led militants (Taliban) have started extending their sphere of influence and activities….

Turning to the upper parts of Swat, the militants marched on Madyan. The valley’s Walibagh, the house of late Khan Abdul Wali Khan in Chakri where he would stay during summers, was blown up on Friday to punish the Awami National Party for the Swat operation.

The militants commander for Lower and Upper Dir, Hafizullah, is closely associated with the Swat militants.

Shangla is a district, which was overrun by the militants in 2007 and certain towns were occupied. Though their influence has tapered off, it has not completely ended in Shangla. The militants are attempting to get hold of all neighbouring districts-Buner, Dir Upper, Dir Lower, Shangla and Malakand Agency. Before it is too late, the government needs to act to secure these districts from falling to Taliban.


On 2 February 2009:

BBC Urdu dot com reports that:

Taliban have successfully established a new FM radio station in the Upper Dir area. This group, headed by a terrorist “Amir Khattab” is closely associated with Mullah Fazlullah. This group is supported by Nuristani Afghan who migrated to the Doug Darrah area from Afghanistan.

Read the BBC report here: