Saudi-sponsored terrorism: Instead of standing up, Saudi ambassador bolts from the scene

Wahabism linked with terrorism; Saudi envoy stages walkout

NEW DELHI: Saudi Ambassador to India Faisal Al-Trad walked out of an international conference of jurists in protest after noted Indian jurist Ram Jethmlani’s accusation that the Wahabi sect of Islam was responsible for terrorism. The conference was attended by Indian President Pratibha Patil, Chief Justice KG Balakrishnan and Law Minister Veerapa Moily. Jethmalani said “Wahabi terrorism” indoctrinated “rubbish” in the minds of young people to carry out terrorist attacks. He lamented that India was friends with a country that supported Wahabi terrorism. The event’s organiser, Adesh Aggarwala, said the ambassador had walked out but returned after Moily’s statement that Jethmalani’s views were not supported by the government or the organisers. Moily said terrorism could not be attributed to any particular religion. iftikhar gilani Source