We support Sardar Khosa’s fling at the Scandinavian mujra

From the editorial team of Let Us Build Pakistan

Many readers of this blog have drawn our attention to PML-N’s senior leader Sardar Zulfiqar Khosa’s participation in a Scandinavian mujra recently. We support the Sardar’s participation. By gracing the mujra party through his such a prominent and for-the-entire-world-to-see presence, the Sardar has made a very timely political statement. In Pakistan where the Taliban have made all forms of entrainment and cultural expressions haram, we need more and more political leaders to come forward and patronize culture. PML (N) leaders can make more contribution than any other leaders because they have more influence on the Punjabi middle class than any other party.

This video is a big slap on the faces of the Hamid Mirs, Shahid Masoods, and Ansar Abbasis of the Talibanic media of Pakistan. Had it been a People’s Party leader in place of Sardar Khosa, they would have gone mad with anger and demonized him in no uncertain terms. But these princes of darkness of Pakistani media kept silent over this video. This is the reason we want more and more non-PPP leaders to come forward and emulate Sardar Khosa. Nawaz Shairf’s talent for singing Hindi songs is no secret. He can raise a lot of money for charity through his God-given singing talent.

Meanwhile, enjoy the show!