Pakistan forever – by Tasbih Fayyaz


A country is not just a piece of land. It is not only the collection of mountains, rivers and valleys. Is is the heritage of our dreams, aspirations, culture traditions and our great religion. Pakistan is an undefeatable castle of Islam. It is basically the fruit which came out after numerous sacrifices made by our indomitable leaders. Quaid e Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah declared that “PAKISTAN HAS COME TO EXIST FOREVER”. It is an unbreakable custom. I agree that even today, we are facing a lot of problems. Poor kids (who are fathers of tomorrow) are begging on roads. Great charismatic leaders are being killed mercilessly. Sacred places of worship are constantly being attacked. Suicide bombers are blowing up important areas. People are dying of hunger and thirst. Pakistan is facing such problems but the problem is not Pakistan and that is exactly what we need to understand.

Whether somebody likes it or not, Islamic republic of Pakistan is a tangible reality. It is home to billions who have defended every inch of this land by their blood and sweat. Our land is calling upon us for help. Here we are not supposed to be expatriates. This is the land where we were born. This is the place where we learned to walk. We have to work to pull the country out of crisis. We should try to remember at all times that Pakistan possessed nothing when it was created. It was Mr. Jinnah’s ceaseless work and great leadership skills that ensured that Pakistan not only survived, but flourished.

In a speech to government officials on 11th October 1947, Jinnah said, “If we are to exist as a nation and give shape to the dream of Pakistan, we will have to face the problems with full determination and force. Our people are disorganized and disheartened by the difficulties we face. Their morale is low and we will have to work harder to pull them out of this despondency and galvanize them into actions”


This throws a great responsibility upon us which is to allow Pakistan to have precedence over our personal interests.

Long live Pakistan!!