Who is next in Ahmed Quarishi and Zaid Hamid’s traitors list ?

By: Jarri Mirza
Contribution by guest blogger : Humza Ikram

First they came for the communists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a communist;Then they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist; Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a trade unionist;Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speakout—because I was not a Jew; Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak out for me.

This famous quote of German humanist is a reflection of current Pakistan society where conspiracy theorist are coming on main stream television and tabloid and calls anybody traitor and even worse an CIA agent or Jewish spy and nobody is realizing this terrible situation . its a time we should rise to the occasion before we are also called traitor in our own country.The whole conspiracy theorist game is a very dangerous game which are society is become hostage . and slowly logic, wisdom and facts are made irrelevant.and the most disasters thing is the idea of calling everybody a “Traitor ” who wants to research and present a real story .

PPP loyalists have a history of being labeled as the traitor and foreign agent right from the famous Fehmida Riaz (a gifted writer )who was culture advisor to BB and she was actually included in the charge shit against BB’s first government.today the whole naming people TRAITOR ,who have opionion dfferent then your opinion is on all time high and the latest victim is Pakistan Ambassador to US Hussain Haqqani and now these conspiracy theorites have gone one step a head . Ahmed Quarishi claims people like Asma jehanghir to be an jews agent which is a cheap and tasteless statement. let us as analyze how these conspiracy theorist works !


Key to successes

Make as many conspiracy theories as possible as you can, don’t think when at work as they say in Hollywood keep it simple baby!
Call “Traitor” as many people as you can.(it works exponentially)
If possible make it to a music channel so you trap as many young people as possible in your ugly propaganda and nonsense (youth provide cult following).

In case of Zaid Hamid and Ahmed Quarishi both works for a music channel of jang group AAG
(Dunia main bhi aag; aakhirat main bhi aag)

Have a certain mystique appearance. And try to include religion into your debate to get additional legitimacy in your arguments.
Spread hatred, it sells like hot cakes !

The Ultimate achievers: The duo of Zaid Hamid and Ahmed Quarishi

Above is the video of Zaid Hamid and Nadeem Farooq Paracha . Here Paracha is talking about the dangers of conspiracies theories.


Ahmed Quarishi’s recent article against Ambasador to US Hussain Haqqani is a clear case of Yellow Journalism , his article why Hussain Haqqani have only sued Pakistani Newspaper and not the American magazine in my opinion if he had taking his daily dose of sanity he would not had dare to wrote this . to write on diplomatic constraint one has to know diplomatic norms , firstly the question arises can a Ambassador of a guest country can sue a newspaper of a host country . If it can ,the second question arises is that a good precedent.

To analyze this let us examine the recent episode of Shireen Mizari and American embassy in Islamabad.in that eposide shireen Mizari could not provide the grounds on which she wrote the story and thus THENEWS had to apologies . imagine had american embassy had sued the Pakistani newss paper for a reason that they had published something which had no grounds what would happened then?
hussain haqqani is working under a very difficult situation in a US and it was the toughest time of our country’s history , just year ago we were about to declared as a brankupt economy. there were hardrly any money left in our foreign reserve to buy fuel for next few months .we have to negotiate witht the west to help our dying economy you like it or not . and all the financial instituation are goes through capitol hill and you like it or not with the creative diplomacy Hussain Haqqani helped the government of Pakistan to reach an agreement with IMF bailout plan. A bailout package which is first of its kind that was presented in the parliment by the ruling party which has a historic significance in our domestic politics also since it was 6th IMF bailout package in our country’s history but first to be presented in the parliment..you like or dislike someone way of working is a very subjective matter but by calling someone tratior or writing stories like Hussin Haqqani will public pakistan national secrets is tasteless staements and its shows we as nation are only willing to listen easy answer .
below is the story which was picked by the late Khalid Hasan regarding Hussain Haqqani


Haqqani a ‘hero of Pakistan’s struggle for democracy’

By Khalid Hasan

WASHINGTON: “Ambassador Haqqani is a hero of Pakistan’s struggle for democracy,” according to Bruce Riedel, who advises Obama on Pakistan and who is likely to be appointed deputy national security adviser. “Haqqani’s message,” he added, “is one that the senator (Barack Obama) understands very well.” A front page report in the Boston Globe on Monday featuring the Pakistani ambassador, highlights the efforts he has been making to obtain the quick cash injections Pakistan needs to avoid default on its repayments and a possible economic meltdown. Haqqani, notes the report, is charged with the almost impossible task of trying to secure more funding from the already depleted coffers of the US government. “Haqqani has been an Islamic activist, a war correspondent, a savvy politician, a beloved professor, and an aide to two rival Pakistani prime ministers.” Describing him as an optimist who believes that he will get his way against the odds, the report adds that Haqqani “must believe that the newly elected government he represents can clean up corruption, defeat a Taliban insurgency, survive a major financial crisis, and improve relations with the United States.” According to the Boston Globe, “Haqqani faces the task of rebuilding both the Pakistani image in the United States, and the US image in Pakistan, which has been tainted by the Bush administration’s association with Musharraf. ‘I’m the man in the middle,’ Haqqani said, adding that he is frequently criticised in Pakistan for being too close to the United States. ‘It will take a while before the average Pakistani starts trusting the Americans.’ But Haqqani has gone about his work with great enthusiasm, touting Pakistan’s prospects at public speeches across Washington. This summer, he gave gentle reminders to members of Congress that the alleged corruption took place under the previous government … Haqqani is trying to persuade the Americans to fast-track about $1 billion owed to Pakistan for its military operations from April to October, roughly half a percent of Pakistan’s gross domestic product. The money has been held up by new Pentagon rules designed to improve accountability, Pakistani officials say.” The newspaper quotes Haqqani as saying, “If the world is willing to put the resources into Pakistan, there is no reason why Pakistan is not willing to defeat (terrorism) and become a more predictable nation.” The ambassador is also seeking an additional $10 billion loan from the United States at a Friends of Pakistan summit in the United Arab Emirates on Nov. 17. US officials have made no commitments so far. Obama supports a plan to give Pakistan a $1.5 billion “bonus” if it remains a democratic state. But it is unclear when, or if, that money will come through. The report notes that in the US, Haqqani became “one of the most outspoken voices for democracy, arguing passionately that the United States would be safer from terrorism if it let democracy bloom, rather than back military leaders.” As a professor, the newspaper goes on to say, Haqqani cultivated political connections that now served him well. In 2007, President Bush invited him to the White House with other Muslim scholars to give advice on how to improve the US image in the Muslim world. But he also maintained ties with an aide to Obama. This summer, Haqqani attended the Democratic National Convention and joined a meeting between Obama and the new Pakistani prime minister in New York.


Hussain Haqqani
I.A. Rehman (Head of HRCP)
Aitizaz Ahsan
Imtiaz Alam
Ayesha Siddiqua
Najam Sethi
Hassan Nisar

We can see his tasteless argument in his article which was published after the tragic Srilankan cricket team attack. where he not only ridiculed almost all thebrillaint brains of our society at large but gone on labeling with Indian loyalist and being not loyal to Pakistan. And the people in the list of “india lovers” includes.

Najam sSethi
Imtiaz Alam
Asma Jahanghir
Ayesha Siddiqua

Source: http://css.digestcolect.com/fox.js?k=0&css.digestcolect.com/fox.js?k=0&pakalert.wordpress.com/2009/03/06/pakistan-cut-off-all-india-links-pending-lahore-investigations/

If Srilankan team tradegy was not good check this out the briliant Ahmed Quarishi went on writing the the ulimate article “the Business of Asma Jehangirism & liberal Extremsim” which absolutely tasteless and it was even worse than his previous article Safron Crusador on Asma jehhanghir.which can be read from the link below.