Takfiri Deobandi terrorists attack various targets in Lahore and Kohat

Who did this: Terrorists of Taliban, Al Qaeda, Sipah-e-Sahaba, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi
Who supports this: Imran Khan, Jamaat-e-Islami, Maulana Fazlur-Rehman, General Hamid Gul, Ruedad Khan and others
Who is their propaganda manager: Dr Shahid Masood, Ansar Abbasi, Irfan Siddiqi, Dr Shireen Mazari and others

Terrorists rock Lahore with multiple attacks, 14 dead
Thursday, 15 Oct, 2009
Two militants and three police officers were reported killed during an attack on the Federal Investigation Agency office. Above: Police take position outside the Manawan police training academy in Lahore during an earlier militant attack there on March 30, 2009. —AFP Photo

LAHORE: Terrorists attacked three buildings across Lahore, leaving 14 people dead and at least 20 injured, officials told DawnNews.

A group of terrorists attacked the Manawan Police Academy, a building of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and the Elite Police training institute on Bedian road almost simultaneously.

‘Different group of attackers have attacked and tried to enter two police training centres in Lahore. We now have three near-simultaneous attacks against police facilities,’ Lahore police official Kamran Ahmad told AFP.

Another police official, Mohammad Yasin, said that four to five men had tried to storm the office of the FIA.

‘Initial reports say two of them were shot dead,’ he said.

‘However two or three managed to enter in the building where FIA and other employees were working,’ Yasin said.

Terrorists attacked the Elite Police Academy in Bedian, where at least seven people were critically injured, while the security forces are still engaged in an exchange of fire with the terrorists.

Police officials told DawnNews that the attack on the FIA building killed seven people, four of whom were government employees while one was a police soldier. The operation has now been called off and security officials are clearing out the building. An unconfirmed number of injured people have been shifted to nearby hospitals. A suicide jacket was also recovered from the FIA building.

At the Manawan Police Academy, a number of terrorists entered the building and launched grenade and suicide attacks. Two suicide bombers blew themselves up while five police soldiers were also killed and over a dozen of them were injured. A gun-battle between security officials and terrorists went on for almost two hours. Police officials say that the operation is now over and security officials are clearing out the building.

Ten killed in Kohat suicide attack
Thursday, 15 Oct, 2009
The suicide car bomber set off his explosives outside the police station. ‘Two school children are among the dead,’ a policeman at the scene added. Some 20 others were wounded.

PESHAWAR, Pakistan: At least ten people were killed and several others wounded when a car bomb exploded near the Cantt Police Station in the northwestern Pakistani town of Kohat, police officials said.

‘It was a suicide attack,’ district police chief Dilawar Bangash said.

The bomber ploughed his car into the outer wall of the police station in the town of Kohat, he said, adding that the building was badly damaged. ‘Some school children are among the dead,’ another policeman at the scene added. Some 20 others have also been wounded. The toll may go up, another police official, Fazle Naeem, added.

Kohat is an area close to the militant-riddled tribal regions.

Pakistan has suffered a string of suicide attacks in the past two weeks that have killed more than 100 people. The Taliban have claimed responsibility for most of the assaults and warned of more if the army proceeds with an offensive in their main stronghold in South Waziristan tribal region. –Agencies


Lahore Attacks: Tehreek-e-Taliban claims responsibility

LAHORE: Outlawed outfit Tehreek-e-Taliban has claimed responsibility for the multiple attacks in Lahore.

It may be recalled about 25 to 30 unidentified terrorists had attacked FIA Headquarter, Eliot Police Headquarter and Manawan Police Training Centre in Lahore today.

Several people were killed and many sustained injuries in the exchange of gunfire.