Imran Khan’s PTI Waziristan supports Baitullah Mehsud

Mehsud visits parts of S.Waziristan

Updated at: 2050 PST, Thursday, October 02, 2008

WANA: Supreme commander of the banned outfit Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan, Baitullah Mehsud visited different area of South Waziristan on Thursday.

According to Taliban sources, Meshsud visited Makeen, Ladha, Badar, Salay Rogha and other areas.

The tribesmen upon seeing the Taliban commander, fired their guns in the air.

President of Imran Khan’s Tehreek-i-Insaf South Waziristan, Toofan Burki garlanded Baitullah Mehsud and put traditional Pagri (turban) upon his head. (That tells why Imran Khan is most popular in Taliban and other terrorist organisations).

Speaking on the occasion, the speakers said the electronic media is airing news regarding the death of Baitullah Mehsud, causing concern among the tribesmen.

Therefore, the tribal elders decided that Mehsud should undertake visit of the tribal areas so that people could see him.

Latest development:
Now, Dr Ali Haider, an office bearer of Imran Khan’Tehreek-e-Insaf in Peshawar has openly supported the Taliban, their murderous actions, and has termed Baitullah Mehsud as his Amir. See details here:

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zamir_k Says:
October 2nd, 2008 at 8:27 pm

why would Mehsud need a political position? As your article already proved, Imran Khan’s PTI is the taliban’s political arm, like in Ireland, Sinn Fein did for the IRA.

Mehsud has killed thousands of innocent Pakistani civilians in suicide attacks, hopefully he remains in coma.


geomush (youtube)

sir, you want a taliban to condemn qatil taliban

there is a reason why imrana khana is known as “taliban khan” in pakistan. please note that once he is on a visit to outisde pakistan he hides behind the cloak of a “former pakistani captain and social worker” while in pakistan this taliban khan is busy promting anti west, anti us, anti peace agenda

Imran Khan says Taliban Killing & Blowing Schools are lies

Imran Khan, you are probably afraid of Mullahs lest they open the Islamic chapter of adultery (zina) against you for your illicit relations with Sita White and other women. Here is the evidence of the Taliban blowing girls schools in the name of Islam:

Pakistani tribal Taliban executed a person under the Islamic principle of Qisas on the charges of killing one of their comrades.

Compare Imran Khan’s apologist and populist stance on Taliban with the clear cut position taken by Syed Ali Gilani of the Indian controlled Kashmir:

All Parties Hurriyat Conference Chief Syed Ali Shah Gillani has declared all Taliban extremist activities within Pakistan as gross violations of Islam. “Islam is a religion of peace and justice and suicide bombings defame Islam and the deaths of innocents are indefensible”, Gillani said.

Speaking to the Daily Ummat correspondent, the Hurriyat Chief who is under house arrest in for the last 62 days, said: “Tehreek Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and other Taliban are following the enemy’s agenda. Pakistan Army needs to be supported absolutely in Operation Rahe-Rast against the Taliban. Where were these politicians who are now in favor of dialogue, ‘muzaakirat’ with the terrorists, when these murderers were blowing up schools, digging up dead bodies from graves and hanging them up on city squares? ”

Syed Ali Gillani went on to say: “Dialogue is only possible if these extremists agree to lay down arms. In any case they must not be allowed to bolster their forces. While it is true that Pakistan has a ways to go before its system can be declared fully Islamic, and it is true that the rulers have misruled, but it does not mean that innocent people in Lahore, Karachi and Peshawar should be killed in suicide bombings”

Gillani continued: “Those who say that suicide bombings are a “reaction” to the Military Operation in Swat are misleading the nation. The government should have sent in the army very cautiously, and very early on. Because of government’s bad strategy and lackadaisical attitude, today 2.5 million people have been displaced from their homes.”

Syed Ali Gillani had some tough words for MQM and Sindhi nationalists: “Nationalist parties in Sindh have attacked the Two Nation Theory again by impeding the entry of Swat refugees in Sindh.”

Hinting at MQM, Syed Ali Gillani said : “Those who are settled in Sindh today settled here only after becoming refugees and after escaping from their enemies with their lives, their religious faith, their daughters and their honor.”

Some discussion of the main arguments of Syed Ali Shah Gillani:

1. The “Muzakiraat” group of Imran Khan, Jamat Islami and Qazi were missing in action when the Taliban were cutting throats and hanging corpses. They have no moral right to oppose the Operation.

2. Diaogue with the Taliban should only be held if they disarm.

3. Taliban are working on Indian and Israeli agenda to dismember Pakistan. Instead of fighting Indian and American armies, they are fighting Pakistan Army and slitting throats of Muslims. This is not Jihad. This is Fitna-o-Fasaad.

4. Pakistan Army must be supported in its Operation to nip this Fasaad in the bud.

5. Taliban actions such as beheading innocents and suicide bombings are absolutely Haram and un-Islamic.

6. Suicide bombings defame Islam and kill innocents. They are haram in all cases. Those who do it in Pakistani cities are non-Muslims and Kuffaar. The military operation is only against this non-Muslim, Kafir element in Swat who is killing Muslims.

7. The “Reaction-to-X” group who insist that chopping off of heads with kitchen knives, suicide bombings and hanging corpses are reactions to the Operation are lying to Pakistanis and misleading the nation.

8. The Operation has come very late. It should have happened much earlier. The Swat peace deal allowed the Taliban to dig tunnels and build up strength to an extent that they were able to destroy heavy armored vehicles like tanks. The strength of their resistance to the Army, their sophisticated defense strategies and advanced weapons show that they never intended to keep the peace. This opportunity to rest and recover should never be granted to them again.

9. MQM, JSQM and other nationalist parties negate the Two Nation Theory with their actions which strike at the very foundation of Jinnah’s Pakistan. They have no right to stop the Swat refugees from settling in Sindh who are only escaping the brutality of throat-slitting Kafirs of Swat, i.e., the Taliban. MQM supporters ought to be especially ashamed because their forefathers also claimed refuge in this land escaping death and dishonor at the hands of non-Muslims. MQM has proven once again that it is anything but “Muttahida” Qomi Movement.

10. Jihad once meant fighting non-Muslims to liberate Muslim land, as in the struggle of Kashmiris against 700,000 Indian soldiers. The Taliban have changed this definition of Jihad to mean: Murdering fellow Muslim brothers in cold blood to capture supreme political power, to seize their homes, to confiscate their wealth and dishonor their daughters (Nikah at gunpoint).

11. This deliberate change in the meaning of Jihad is evident in Maulana Fazal-ur-Rehman’s views on the Kashmir cause which are in direct contrast with his mentorship of Baitullah Mehsud and the Taliban. It is important to note that his party, JUI-F, and other Islamic parties were against the creation of Pakistan. These parties believe that Jihad in Kashmir against Indian Army and its rapes, murders and atrocities is Haram, while Jihad against kalma-go Muslims of Pakistan is Halal and Farz. The fact is, these parties and their supporters have been thoroughly rejected by the Pakistani voter and they plan to use the Taliban to capture power instead. They have been rejected by the ballot, and therefore, they have chosen to use the bullet.

Source: pkpolitics

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