The Return of Lal Masjid Brigade ????

Maulana Abdul Aziz AKA Burqa-posh Maulvi of Lal Masjid (Red Mosque) has got released under an agreement that he will not create any trouble for the government, however according to Dawn hate literature and militant propaganda pamphlets and CDs were openly sold outside Lal Masjid during Friday prayers today.
Charged environment in around Lal Masjid last night and today suggests that we may be witnessing return of notorious Lal Masjid Moral Squad, which used to go to markets around Lal Masjid and threaten the shopkeepers to avoid selling music and video film CDs and cassettes or face their wrath !

Jihadi literature available once more outside Lal Masjid

LAHORE: The arrival of Maulana Aziz after release on bail coincides with the appearance of militant motivational literature and propaganda videos in front of Lal Masjid, according to DawnNews.

As Interior Ministry informed the National Assembly that publication and distribution of hate literature has been banned, militant videos and pamphlets professing jihad were being sold openly just a few kilometers from there out side the Lal Masjid.

However, just outside the mosque, Saeed, a video seller told DawnNews ‘Now that Maulana Aziz has been restored, all activities will return.’

The motivational militant videos being sold outside the Lal Masjid include scenes from battles of Iraq and Afghanistan showing the attacks on US led coalition forces.

The jihadi films being sold in the heart of the capital shows videos of suicide bombers, and incite others to join in the fight.

In one of the videos, young boys are shown being launched as suicide bombers covered in glory, aiming at motivating young impressionable minds to follow them.

Some of the videos being sold outside the Lal Mosque are brought in from other areas, including the tribal agencies while others are made in local markets.

With the release of Maulana Aziz on bail, it was hoped things will be different from the past. But, the very act of selling militant videos resonated with scenes before the military action against Lal Masjid clerics in July 2007 when militant literature was being sold openly in a similar manner.