Threat of Talibanisation to the land of Sachal and Lal Shahbaz: Religious Fanatics Start Slaughtering Caretakers of Shrines in Sindh !

SANGHAR: Another shrine caretaker butchered

*Religious fanatics are behind slaughter campaign: Local people

SANGHAR, April 15: Caretaker of a shrine was slaughtered at the shrine near Jhol on Tuesday. Imdad Shah was asleep at the shrine of Miskeen Shah when unidentified people slaughtered him. They also severed his one hand. This is the fourth incident of its nature in the Sinjhoro area during last one year.

Earlier Neno Jatt was killed at the shrine of Juman Jali, Gul Khan at the shrine of Chhutto Pir and Malang at the shrine of Juman Shah near Sinjhoro. All of them were caretakers of the shrines and were slaughtered in the same manner. Sharp weapons were used in the murders. Nothing was looted from the shrine in any case.

The Sinjhoro police have failed to find any clue and the cases were pending in the police files. Even the motives behind the murders could not be ascertained.

Local people believe that religious fanatics, who do not like Sufi culture, are behind the murders.

Daily Dawn —- 16th April, 09
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