Long March fails: Qazi Hussain Ahmed says


Friday, March 20, 2009
By Our Correspondent

LAHORE – JAMAAT-E-ISLAMI Pakistan ameer Qazi Hussain Ahmad reiterated that long march had failed to achieve its prime objectives because judiciary was not restored at Nov 2, ‘07 state and Justice Abdul Hameed Dogar was kept in service despite restoring the Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry and other deposed judges.

“Our agreement with lawyers clearly spelt that long march would continue till the restoration of judiciary at Nov 2, ‘07 position by reversing Gen Musharraf’s unconstitutional actions,” he said while addressing different delegations at Mansoorah on Thursday.

Qazi Hussain Ahmad demanded that Gen Musahrraf’s unconstitutional actions must be reversed and he must be punished for breaching constitution twice in order to bring a real revolution in the country to break the shackles of the colonist legacy of bureaucracy and to install the rule of the masses in real terms.

He said lawyers’ leadership compromised with the government on mere restoration of judges without consulting JI leadership, adding that JI had to accept it to maintain harmony. He said ‘our objective is yet to be achieved and we have only moved one step ahead’. He said thousands of JI workers had resisted the police all over the country while the state machinery had sealed entire country and Islamabad to prevent the long march. He said JI people were disappointed after the march was called off at the eleventh hour when it was the time to reach Constitution Avenue for the sit-in.


Some relevant comments:

Malek said:

– the ailing leader of JI feeling left out after the lawyers apparently did not consult him???? (But he was in hiding at the time!!)

– or was it because CJP refused to meet politicians when Qazi’s gang wanted a photo opportunity with CJP on his restatement?

– or was it that Qazi’s objective of another martial law was not fulfilled?

– considering Qazi gave this byaan now would IK follow him too?

it seems like the great result achieved from long march……and accepted by CJP, rest of deposed J@dges, Lawyers, civil society and all political parties is being diminished…….by 1, 2 or 3 parties who did not gain ‘full political mileage’ out of the crisis the nation was facing………..one such party is PPP, 2nd one being JI……who is the taker of the 3rd position? Do i see Ik raising his hand????

Source: PK Politics