Cruelty with dog in Peshawar. A specimen of moral character of PML-N

Supporters of former premier Nawaz Sharif march during a protest in Lahore on February 26, 2009.

Is there any difference between the Taliban who draw pleasure from beheading innocent citizens in Swat and FATA and the PML-N /Jamaat-e-(Ghair) Islami and Imran Khan’s PTI (Pakistan Taliban-e-Insaf) workers who draw pleasure from torturing an innocent dog in Peshawar?


Cruelty with dog in Peshawar.This cruelty reflects true character of PML-N, JI and PTI. They are an insensitive bunch of criminals, who lack civilized training and education at home. They probably know that animal feels the pain but they have no regard for ethics.



Shaheryar Ali said…
Shame on You Nawaz Sharif. Dogs are even mentioned in Holy Quran in Chapter of Kahaf.
I strongly urge that a case be filed against him because in PPC their exist a law against cruelty to animals.
There is also a “Mehkma e Insidad e be rehmi e hewan”.
Since PML-N is these days raising slogans of rule of law. They should set an example by turning their leaders in who have provoked cruelty against animals

27 FEBRUARY 2009 19:52
Shan said…
==Since PML-N is these days raising slogans of rule of law. They should set an example by turning their leaders in who have provoked cruelty against animals==

Good point. Let’s start with Iqbal Zafar Jhagra and Hanif Abyssi.

27 FEBRUARY 2009 20:15
Anonymous said…
It is unfortunate that Pakistan is becoming another barbaric state. I don’t know whether this issue can be discussed on political party lines. I am appalled about the state of affairs. Firstly to say Islam is a religion of peace and then do just the contrary of inflicting torture on a hapless creature. Is this what your Koran and Sharia teach these barbarians. Curse be upon them. If Pak seeks to destroy God’s creations, then doomsday for Pakistan is not far. I wish it from the bottom of my heart.

28 FEBRUARY 2009 06:06
Abdul said…
Anon: There are certain pro-Taliban elements in Pakistan who are barbaric. These criminals do not represent any religion. The majority of Pakistanis condemn violence and terrorism.

28 FEBRUARY 2009 08:19
Raazi said…
Cruelty with dog in Lahore. Supporters of Imran Khan, Qazi Hussain Ahmed and Nawaz Sharif on 15 March 2009 in Lahore were seen beating an innocent dog, reports Feryal Gauhar.

In the distance I saw a young dog suspended from the crane being used by the television cameras to get top shots of the long march. A number of men were beating the pup with sticks calling it the president’s name. The pup had a neck-tie around it, a symbol of western elitism. I rushed into the crowd, unmindful of an injured hip-joint, and urged the crane operator to lower the animal towards me. He did – he is the same man I had given my towel to when he was choking on tear gas which had exploded from a canister that had landed right by my feet earlier. I grabbed the pup and ran towards the High Court where the lawyers helped me scramble inside with my terrorized, traumatized cargo.

Outside another round of tear gas was fired. This time the canisters were aimed towards the High Court itself, some landing near the pup and I. I quickly covered the animal with my dupatta and rushed towards the courtyard where an ancient, stately “bor” tree provides shade and protection. My eyes were stinging, so was my skin – the lawyers rushed towards me with water and salt which helps to stop the choking. I looked around for my towel and then realized I have given it to the crane operator. The pup was safe inside my dupatta, but my eyes were stream with tears and I felt as if my last gasps of breath were leaving me. What then is the difference between this democracy and the many dictatorships which have shackled the people of Pakistan for the past six decades?

The pup squirmed inside the dupatta – I limped into the canteen besides the graceful arabesque adorned corridors of the High Court and asked for a saucer of milk. The young man serving me was both surprised and delighted as I offer the milk to the pup which lapped it up. The saucer empty, the pup looked at me and I looked into its eyes for the first time. A thick layer of opaque tissue covered its eyes – I believe she could not see – that she did not see the thousands of people marching on the streets of Lahore, or the hooligans who tried to lynch it, nor the smile on the canteen boy’s grimy face as he refilled the saucer.

17 MARCH 2009 06:25