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A story of an employee reinstated by the PPP government: A story of an employee reinstated by the PPP government – by Tahir Sarwar
7,700 sacked govt employees to be reinstated – What do ordinary Pakistanis think?: Politics, Humanity and Yellow Journalism – By Abbas Ather
Rozgar Technology Programme: An Open Letter to The Chief Minister Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif: To: The Chief Minister Punjab7 Club Road, G.O.R-1, LahoreSubject: “Rozgar Technology Programme” Sir, Respectfully,I present to you the Rozgar Technology Programme for your kind study. Please approve this programme to make not only the province of the Punjab but
Reinstatement of 6000 officials sacked by Nawaz Sharif in 1996: THE federal cabinet’s decision to reinstate 6,000 officials (with full benefits) sacked in 1996, ostensibly on political grounds, will be welcomed. It comes as a reminder of how ‘the steel frame’ of the Raj in South Asia that Pakistan