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Geo TV owner, 3 others booked for ‘blasphemy’: ISLAMABAD/LAHORE: The Margalla Police Station on Saturday registered an FIR under sections 295-C and 298-A against owner of the Geo Network Mir Shakil-ur-Rehman, morning show host Dr Shaista Lodhi, actress Veena Malik and her husband Asad Basheer Khatak for
Iftikhar Chaudhry and GEO Network: A Love Story – by Jahanzaib Masood: While people give examples of Romeo & Juliet, Raam Leela and Laila Majnoon as examples of selfless love, we get a mind-boggling and eye raising example of such devotion between the soon-to-be-retired Chief Justice of Pakistan Supreme Court, Justice
Hurting Pakistan for petty, personal matters – yes that’s what Mir Shakil and Jahangir Siddiqui do!: In yet another example of how personal wars are being played out in the media at the expense of the corporate and investment sector in Pakistan, Daily Times, an independent newspaper has come up with a report in its
One side of story: the Jahangir Siddiqui Bank Limited and the ongoing media war: There are certain important matters that need the public’s attention on the ongoing Jang Group and Jahangir Siddiqui tussle against Mubasher Lucman, ARY Group and other business community leaders like Aqeel Karim Dhedhi.   First and foremost, the link
Mir Shakil strikes back through fake-doctor Aamir Liaquat: Cheap tactics of Jang Group against Mubasher Lucman: As one could expect from people of low caliber and upbringing, instead of responding logically and with facts to the allegations levelled against the Jang Group, Mir Shakil ur Rehman and Jahangir Siddiqui by Mubashar Lucman in his series
In a world of Breaking News, Jang Group will respond “tomorrow” to Mubasher Lucman’s allegations: Would Geo News TV channel of the Jang Group wait for even thirty minutes to play and replay a “breaking news”, let alone wait for “tomorrow”, that’s a million dollar question. On October 29, 2013 the Jang group (Jang,
Jang Group’s Mir Shakil threatens State Bank Governor: Will CJ Iftikhar Chauhdry take notice?: Just as we mentioned in our report  “Will Jang Group’s Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman turn against the Nawaz govt now – JS Bank fails to acquire regulatory approval for HSBC Pakistan” published on 25th October, 2013, Jang Group has begun its
The illegal activities of Jang Group and Jahangir Siddiqui: Related post: Will Jang Group’s Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman turn against the Nawaz govt now – JS Bank fails to acquire regulatory approval for HSBC Pakistan A businessman asks a basic question “If a PM can be brought in for contempt,
Will Jang Group’s Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman turn against the Nawaz govt now – JS Bank fails to acquire regulatory approval for HSBC Pakistan: Related post: The illegal activities of Jang Group and Jahangir Siddiqui In an unexpected turn of events, a financial group closely linked to Jang Group head honcho, Mir Shakil ur Rahman, has not been permitted by regulators to acquire
Geo tau aisay! Geo TV sells Pakistan out for Rs 150 million only: Well done Mir Shakil ur Rehman and Jang Group: Bad news seems to be following Mir Shakil ur Rehman and his media empire of Jang Group after the most recent disclosure that the British Government has purchased television time on discounted rates from Geo Television to run British
Jang Group’s case of mistimed priorities – Drone attack a 6 column headline; DI Khan Jail attack a two column news hard to find! – by Farrukh Ahmed: If there was ever a doubt in the approach and priorities of Jang Group about Pakistan and its security situation, it was evident from the way they headlined the drone attack which according to them killed four terrorists, glorified
Judicial report on Jang Group’s Aman Ki Asha: “the footprints lead to Indian sponsors including Indian state TV”: Islamabad, July 13, 2013:  Findings of Supreme Court’s Media Commission reveal that content and discourse in Pakistani media, particularly in Jang Group / Geo TV is largely influenced by non-transparent foreign sources of funding and dubious advertising. In particular,
Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman ki Cheel aur Chirya mey Jhagra – by Danial Lakhnavi: میر شکیل الرحمن کی چیل اور چڑیا میں جھگڑا یوں لگتا ہے کہ میر شکیل الرحمان کی سیاسی قسمتیں لکھنے کی خواہش پورے مک میں ناکامی کا منہ دیکھنے کے بعد بالآخر پنجاب میں بارآور ہوگئی ہے اور ان
Dr. A.Q. Khan should stay away from hate speech against Ahmadis: On 14 August 2012, Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan said the following words on Geo TV (part of Jang Media Group) which can be legitimately described as hate speech against Ahmadiyya Muslims, Pakistan’s most persecuted minority sect. Sitting on a
Big fat Geo wedding in Dubai: Tax evader Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman gave Rs. 80 crores to Shahrukh Khan to attend his daugther’s wedding!: I have been wanting to write on this matter in the last fortnight but just didn’t get the time to do so. I also hoped that someone from the mainstream media or other tweeting/facebooking/online social media gurus from Pakistan
Jang Group must stop harassing Ali Dayan Hasan of Human Rights Watch: Related posts: HRW is concerned about the fear of judicial over-reach in Pakistan: Interview with Ali Dayan Hasan AHRC appeal: DG ISI Gen Shuja Pasha must be prosecuted for hatching conspiracy against democracy Critical readers of Pakistan’s politics are
Jang group’s lame campaign against PEMRA to avoid GST: A simmering difference between the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) and the the Jang Group has turned into a full-blown legal warfare, with acting Chairman Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) Dr Abdul Jabbar accusing the Jang Group
Mir Ibrahim Rahman manhandles PTV lawyer inside Supreme Court: Relevant Reading: PTV CBA writes to Supreme Court Money Talks: Jang group to beg American support LUBP Archive on Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman If one wonders why all this hoo-haa by Geo Super on the airing of World Cup matches is
Geo TV gets censored…by Geo TV: Najam Sethi’s show and the out of bound topics – by Maula Bux Thadani: Related articles: LUBP Archive on Najam Sethi GEO TV often paints itself as the underdog, the scrapper that is crusading against the “all-powerful” President and Prime Minister.  Even if this image is laughable in the light of the billions of
Internet hoax about Asif Zardari’s marriage: Currently a hoax is in circulation about President Asif Ali Zardari’s alleged marriage to a PPP worker in the USA. Apparently the Zardari phobes of Islamist and urban middle class backgrounds are making use of yet another ‘opportunity’ to
Thieves protecting thieves? I am confused: Related Article: http://criticalppp.com/archives/10928 Here are some facts: Geo TV, Geo News, Geo Super and Aag TV, owned and operated by Jang Group’s Independent Media Group are known to be tax evaders. Off course, their tax evasion till June 2010
In condemnation of Asif Zardari, Salman Taseer and Babar Awan – by Tariq Butt of Jang Group: Related articles: LUBP Archive on Tariq Butt Apparently the following column in today’s Jang newspaper (15 Dec 2010) is written by Tariq Butt (a member of the Ansar Abbasi led Jamaat-e-Islami wing of the Jang Group), however, the column
Khadim-e-Aala’s corruption in Punjab Government’s Health Department – by Farhad Jarral: In recent past, Khadim-e-Aala Punjab (CM Shahbaz Sharif) and his party chief (Nawaz Sharif) were found actively playing the flood politics against President Zardari and the federal government. A lot of press conferences were conducted by PML-N Chief to
Cable operators’ press conference against Geo TV and Jang Group: As predicated by Naheed Khan (reported in Hamid Mir’s op-ed today), the Tsunami came, however, its direction was towards the dirtiest ever CEO of a Pakistani media group, Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman, who has broken his own past records of yellow
Toon Talk: Yellow Journalists pale further – by M. Ali: In simple words…second loss in one week.
A reply to Geo TV’s ad on President Zardari – by Shahzad Saleem: Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman is a major tax defaulter in Pakistani media. Geo channel of Jang Group that also publishes two major newspapers (Urdu and English), owes Rs1.68 billion in sales tax to the government. The same group has also a
Geo TV / Jang Group’s alliance with Sipah-e-Sahaba exposed: Related post: Haideri Taliban? ISI and Jang Group’s joint propaganda against Pakistan’s Shia Muslims Secret meeting Only last week, a secret meeting took place between the owner and CEO of the Jang Group (Geo TV / The News /
PPP announces complete boycott of Geo TV – Finally!:   The PPP has till now been trying its level best to be defensive against all the media tirade against its leadership and government. Usually the tirade starts from Geo TV, goes on to Jang and The News and
Defamation and Libel Cases in Pakistan – It’s just the beginning by Ahmed Iqbalabadi:   We at Let Us Build Pakistan have been highlighting the way some elements in the media have been targeting the PPP, its leadership and people who are close to its leadership for the last two and half years.
Mir Shakil ur Rahman: A Pakistani media tycoon by occupation and a threat to democracy by profession – by Junaid Qaiser:   “The business of a journalist now is to destroy the truth, to lie outright, to pervert, to vilify, fall at the feet of Mammon and sell himself for his daily bread. We are tools, vessels of rich men
Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman’s weakness: Why is Jang Group so hysterical about President Zardari?: Every journalist knows Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman’s weakness, but none wants to talk about it. By Omar Khattab in Islamabad June is almost there. In 33 days July will come and the Jang Group will become even more desperate against its
Khalid Khwaja’s murder: Is Hamid Mir and Mir Shakil-ur-Rehman’s arrest likely?: Is Hamid Mir about to be arrested for his alleged role in Khalid Khwaja’s murder through his friends in Punjabi Taliban? Is Mir Shakil-ur-Rehman too about to be arrested in his capacity as Hamid Mir’s employer. Jang Group /
The Jang Group and Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman – how low the standards would fall? – By Yousuf Nazar: Source I am getting quite fed up with the planted, biased, illiterate, and highly unprofessional so-called reporting by the The News International.  Its current owner Mir Shakil ur Rehman was not above cheating in the exams. More about this
Unsubstantiated and biased reporting of Geo TV – by Usama Bhutto: Two years ago in a remote village of Goth Gorang (Balochistan), three women were burnt alive for alleged fornication. An anti-terrorism court of Jafferabad today sentenced the accused four men to life imprisonment and heavy fine each. Geo TV
Saif-ur-Rehman versus Jang Group – Guest post by Aamir Mughal: Let us assume PML-N’s ex-senator Mr. Saifur Rehman’s allegations against President Asif Ali Zardari telecast through Geo TV/ Jang Media Group (Meray Mutabiq by Dr Shahid Masood) are correct, then how would the same Jang Group of Newspaper and
Zardari, Geo TV and the Swiss case evidence: Who is Dr Javed Kanwal?: Geo TV correspondent, Dr Javed Kanwal, has recently filed a story in Geo TV and The News in which he claimed that the Pakistan government has succeeded in removing from a lawyer’s office evidence of the cases against influential
Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman’s letter to Shaheen Sehbai: To: Shaheen Sehbai, Editor, The News From: MSR, Editor-in-Chief Re: Violation of policy I am constrained to bring to your notice several, and repeated, violation of editorial policies clearly understood between us. Infact, these policies have also been agreed
Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman: Do some soul searching please!: As to the media group [Jang Group / Geo TV] in question, they too need to do some soul searching to establish whether their practices of recent days are in conformity with best practice in journalism. Personalised vitriol may
Shoaib Bhutta: Geo TV bribes judiciary to suppress the voice of an independent journalist: By Abdul Nishapuri Shoaib Bhutta is the name of a courageous journalist who tried to expose the evil designs of Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman and his commerical empire known as Geo TV / Jang Group. He was the one who revealed
Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman: The most reliable tool of Pakistani establishment: Pakistan’s second richest man: Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman The notorious blackmailer, anarchist and the owner of the Jang/Geo Group of Pakistan تو جو مخلص اگر ہے تو یہ کام کر کارخانے کو مزدور کے نام کر Geo TV involved in running