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طالبان اور سپاہ صحابہ کے تکفیری دیوبندی دہشت گردوں کے خلاف وزیر اعظم نواز شریف کی یاد گار تقریر – از یاسر پیر زادہ:     Source :
Talks with Taliban: A football club playing a game within itself ? – by Harris Khalique: So there are seven people at the time of this going to the press who will have met to informally initiate the process of dialogue in order to discuss the ways and means of bringing peace to our country
Can the Pakistan Army defeat the Taliban? – by Jahanzeb Hussain: Can the Pakistani Army defeat the Taliban? In terms of military capacity and financial resources, yes it can. However, when it comes to political support and ideological convictions, that is where it starts to get worrying. If it wants
امن کو موقع ضروردو – از محمد حیدررضوی: جو کہتے ہیں ‘دین میں جبر نہیں’ ان نامردوں کی باتوں میں مت آنا! وہ جو کہتے ہیں کہ ایمان زبردستی کسی کے دل میں نہیں ٹھونس سکتے ان ناعاقبت اندیش لوگوں کے بہکاوے میں مت آنا! تم ہر
نئی رزمگاه:   نئی رزمگاه‎       دنیا میں سنتے آئے ہیں کہ حالات بدلا کرتے ہیں.کسی بهی قوم یا ملک کے حالات ، مفادات سے بلواسطہ یا بلا واسطہ وابسطہ ہوتے ہیں.بیشک مستقل نهیں ہوتے لیکن تغیر میں وقت
I left the US because of their hatred towards Muslim – This is my story – by Kashif Chaudhry:   Everyday I would see hate stickers against Muslims at Harvard Medical School. PHOTO: AFP I was born in 1982, in the beautiful American city of San Jose, California. A proud patriotic Muslim American, my dad would decorate our
Terrorism in Pakistan – by Syed Ejaz Hussain: This dissertation, in a 3-paper format, uses three data sets to study three aspects of terrorism in Pakistan. In the first paper, using data from the GTD, I describe empirically the temporal and spatial patterns of terrorism incidents in
Bilawal Bhutto’s plea for Pakistan – by Rob Crilly:   The son of Benazir Bhutto opened a new front in the war against extremism in Pakistan at the weekend, with a glittering gala of music and fireworks set against the illuminated ruins of a Bronze Age city. In
توتک میں فوج کی طرف سے ملّا شفیق مینگل کے لشکر جھنگوی کا پرائیویٹ آرمی کے طور پر استعمال – از حامد میر:     Source :
Homecoming to Jinnah’s Pakistan – by Dr Akbar S. Ahmed: “We have to cancel today’s program due to a very high alert security threat. One brave officer died in Karachi yesterday, Chaudhary Aslam.” The email from Dr Naeem Mushtaq, the head of Human Resources at the Islamabad Club, sounded
Beyond Mullahs and Marxists: LOOKING TO THE FUTURE: “During my travels I found young Muslims vigorously debating the ‘challenges’ facing India’s 170-million-strong Muslim community, and what it should do to haul itself out of the hole it is in.” A scene during Partition.
The return of Masood Azhar Deobandi – by Zahid Hussain:   Maulana Masood Azhar, a notorious militant leader in Pakistan, resurfaced last week when he addressed by phone thousands of his supporters in Muzaffarabad. — File Photo BREAKING his long hibernation, Maulana Masood Azhar Deobandi , a notorious militant
طالبان کے ساتھ امن کی شرائط – از ایاز امیر: Source :
Ten Fictions that Pakistani Defense Officials Love to Peddle – by C. Christine Fair: Editors Note: We are cross posting a great article by Professor C. Christine Fair. Which points out the the weak pro establishment arguments peddled by pro establishment analysts and bureaucrats. Interestingly almost all of these analyst have been paid
Bilawal and the future of the PPP – by Mohammad Waseem:   The writer is a professor at the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences at LUMS Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has started his political career with a bang. He has been aggressive in his stance on Imran Khan and militants
مکتب دیوبند واضح کرے وہ پاکستان کیساتھ کھڑا ہے یا طالبان کیساتھ، مفتی گلزار نعیمی: جامعہ نعیمیہ اسلام آباد کے سرپرست کا ”اسلام ٹائمز” سے خصوصی انٹرویو میں کہنا تھا کہ طالبان مولانا سمیع الحق کے مدرسے اکوڑہ خٹک سے پڑھے ہوئے ہیں جنکی بنیاد دیوبندیت ہے۔ اگر پورے پاکستان میں انکے حمایتی دیکھیں
Balochistan Mass Graves: An International Inquiry Needed – by Malik Siraj Akbar: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has not spoken about the mass graves found in Balochistan. Chief Minister Dr. Malik Baloch has not uttered a word either.  The mainstream national media has systematically snubbed the story. Human Rights Watch and Amnesty
سیکولراسلامی جمہوریہ پاکستان – از عطا الحق قاسمی:     Source :
A majority of the Taliban belongs to the Deobandi sect – Munawar Hasan: LAHORE: Taking a slightly different position from their traditional view point, Jamaat-i-Islami (JI) chief Syed Munawar Hasan Friday said that neither bombings (airstrikes) can help restore peace nor suicide attacks could pave way for the enforcement of Islamic Shariah.
لشکر جھنگوی کے دہشت گردوں کے خلاف صرف بلوچستان میں کاروائی کا کوئی فائدہ نہیں – میر حاصل بزنجو: بلوچستان میں شدت پسندوں کے خلاف کارروائی کے بارے میں نیشنل پارٹی کے سربراہ میر حاصل بزنجو کہتے ہیں کہ جب تک ملک کے تمام صوبوں میں کالعدم تنظیموں کے خلاف کارروائی نہیں کی جائے گی بلوچستان میں کارروائی
Shameful capitulation – by Zahid Hussain: HALF the battle was lost long ago when our national leaders embraced the militant narrative and legitimised violence. Now it is complete capitulation. So, it doesn’t matter how many more people are killed, religious places bombed or soldiers blown
Pakistan’s march to theocracy – by Ayesha Siddiqa: It was a quick call from my editor’s office in Karachi informing me not to bother writing anymore about the Tehreek Taliban Pakistan (TTP) or any other militant outfit, religious party or even the cricketer-turned-politician’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI). I
Mastung to Mir Ali – by Redaktion: On January 21, 2014, twenty-eight Shia pilgrims of Hazara origin were killed, and dozens more injured, when a powerful explosion ripped through a bus in Balochistan’s district of Mastung. As usual, the media were reluctant to utter the word
Talibanisation of society and state of denial – by Zubair Torwali: Since its very birth, Pakistan has favoured the Deobandi school. This favour touched new heights during the ‘darkest ages’: the years of General Ziaul Haq who was a protégé of the Wahabi state of Saudi Arabia Thanks to the
کشکول اور قرضے – از منو بھائی:     Source :   Rs100,000 per Pakistani – by Farrukh Saleem In 2009, every man, woman and child in Pakistan was indebted to the tune of Rs46,000. In 2011, every man, woman and child in Pakistan was
Deobandi clerics should come out against the Deobandi Taliban in clear terms – by Farrukh Sajjad:     The nation is bleeding with the wounds inflicted by the Deobandi Taliban but our leaders are indifferent and just want to enjoy their stay in power, fill their coffers and make this unfortunate nation even more miserable and
‘Aawaz Uthey Gi’ -by Hina Mehr Nadeem: This is not the first time that those barbarians have targeted Hazarians. This is not the first the bus of Shia pilgrims travelling to and from Iran is bombed. This not the first time the roads of Balochistan are
طالبانی فاشزم نے پاکستان کو کئی مذاہب اور قوموں کی شکار گاہ بنا ڈالا ہے: روشنی کے نام سے فیس بک پر بنے پیج پر یہ فوٹو پاکستان میں طالبانی فاشزم کی ہلاکت خیزی کو ظاہر کرتا ہے ،پاکستان میں طالبانی فاشزم جس کی بنیادیں خارجی آئیڈیالوجی پر استوار ہیں اوپر زکر کردہ مذھبی
The Threat of the “Salafi/Deobandi Crescent” – by Dr. Shaul Shay:   BESA Center Perspectives Paper No. 235 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: While Israel and the West are focused on the Iranian threat, another dangerous entity is emerging in the Middle East. Attempts by al-Qaeda and other radical Salafi/Deobandi Islamist groups to challenge the
Muslim’s unceasing search for Jewish mom – by Dr. Navras Jaat Aafreedi: Editors note: This article should remind all of us of our humanity. The differences we try to create among us are small and we are all connected as brothers in humanity. If any of our readers wishes to add
Children of Lesser God: Early this January, liberal quarters of Pakistan’s civil society commemorated fourth death anniversary of Shaheed Salmaan Taseer, the slain Governor of the Punjab. He was assassinated in broad daylight four years ago because of his unrelenting support for a
تکفیری دیوبندی طالبان کا میڈیا پر حملہ – از رؤف کلاسرا:   Source :
Barelvis take on Deobandis over religious propert:  take on Deobandis over religious property Manjari Mishra, LUCKNOW: The age-old animosity between the Deobandi and Barelvi schools of thought among Sunni Muslims resurfaced in Uttar Pradesh with moderate Barelvis serving an ultimatum to hardline Deobandis to give up
India-Centre wades into Barelvi-Wahabi duel in Kashmir?(story by Times of India): Centre wades into Barelvi-Wahabi duel in Kashmir? Randeep Singh Nandal, TNN & Agencies Apr 25, 2012, 03.36AM IST     Sectarian shadow boxing between Islamic sects is getting full play in Kashmir. It’s the ‘Good Barelvis’ versus ‘Dangerous Wahabis’. And
U.S. Drones Cause Terrorism?: Myth 2: U.S. drones cause terrorism because the Taliban are fighting to avenge those killed by the strikes. False. Many Taliban appeasers often use this myth to justify the group’s brutality against innocent civilians, but there is no evidence
The saints go marching out as the face of Islam hardens in Pakistan – by Jon Boone: Pakistani police guard the shrine of the Sufi saint Data Ganj Baksh after suicide bombers attacked it in 2010. Photograph: BK Bangash/AP Radical itinerant preachers, a boom in hardline madrasas and militant attacks on the shrines of holy men
Pakistan should protect minorities says UK Attorney General: Britain’s Attorney General Dominic Grieve MP has said that it’s the responsibility of the government of Pakistan to protect its religious minorities from persecution by the extremist groups through vigorous action against those who perpetrate crimes in the name
Pakistan: Ahmadi youngster shot dead in Rawalpindi:     A 17 year old Ahmadi boy, Arsalan Sarwar, was shot fatally in Satellite town area of Rawalpindi yesterday, it is reported. According to the Sadr Anjuman Ahmadiyya Pakistan spokesperson, Saleem-ud Din, the circumstances surrounding the youngster’s killing are
Pakistani Mandelas on Twitter – by Kunwar Khuldune Shahid:   And their French Revolution against gastronomic apartheid Pakistan happens to be a country where a French restaurant not allowing Pakistanis inside because it serves haraam food is dubbed ‘apartheid’, while a document discriminating on the basis of religion
تربت سے 10سالہ بچے کی تشدد شدہ لاش برآمد: بلوچستان کے علاقے تربت سے گذشتہ چند دن سے لاپتہ تقریباً 10 سالہ بچے کی تشدد شدہ لاش ملی ہے۔ چاکر بلوچ نامی بچے کے بھائی بلوچستان کی قوم پرست تحریک میں سرگرم ہیں۔ نامہ نگار ریاض سہیل کے