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Extravagant musical concerts amid tears of Shia Hazara nation: Who to blame for the apathy? – by Kulsoom Hazara: The first attack on Shia Hazara community was in 2003, when 12 young Police cadets were shot dead on Sariab Road while they were on their way back home. This news broke down the streets of the major Shia
Your sister is helpless! Eid festivities and the Shia community – by S.Batool: Gone are the days when Quetta’s air was fresh and pure, when everyone could breathe in freely. The times back when for the month of Ramadan everyone was waiting desperately .Windows left open for butterflies to fly in, kids
Baba Mazari’s message of unity to Shia Hazaras – by S. Batool: Quoting Baba Mazari’s address to foster unity and harmony: “The war that has been pushed into you, these rifts are all caused by [Khariji] Wahabbis. My Mujahid brothers, my honorable people, never think that our enemies are Pashtoons, Tajik
Shia-Sunni unity and the trails to blow it off – by S. Batool: Whatever is happening in Pakistan is not a Shia-Sunni battle, it is a doubt and our mistake and incorrect analysis. Though from both sides attempts are made in full flow to turn this into a Shia Sunni battle but
Baba Abdul Ali Mazari – A Shia Hazara but a Global Father – by S.Batool: Related post: Remembering Baba Abdul Ali Mazari – by Abdul Nishapuri A never tiring majestic personality, audacious explorer, a brave warrior, a revolutionist and consistent Leader, a baronial individual, a spiritual Jihadist, a ray of hope for the innocents