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Think Hepatitis – by Saif RK: “Care for your liver: Think about Hepatitis” is the theme of this year’s World Hepatitis Day, Today world is going to mark World Hepatitis Day and raise awareness of viral hepatitis. The date of 28 July was chosen for
Climate change: Save Thatta and Badin – by Saif RK:   Coastal region of Pakistan, Thatta and Badin in particular hit by effects of cyclone Nanauk last week. And global warming may cause frequent, stronger tropical cyclones. This is not the first time that coastal region of Pakistan is
Yet again, we are playing politics with Polio – by Saif RK: This year 83 cases of polio have been detected in Pakistan in just five months, and last year total number was 93 of whole year. And this year so far 65 out of 83 Polio cases of Pakistan found
Some useful tips to keep obesity away! – by Saif RK: We cannot deny the facts that there is shortage of food in the world and food security is also the biggest issue. Though, we have invented methods to store food and devised methods and strategies for food security and
Zardari: Asian Nelson Mandela – by Saif RK: Imagine the world where dictators rule and dictatorship makes its successful course and makes its to way to topple democracies since time and again in a third world country in Asia. But last month brought the good news for
Morning Glory: Say big thank you to US – by Saif RK:   Thanks to US for being so generous to Pakistan since time and again. US donated $ 25 billion in last ten years. There are so many projects are running with the aid of US. US donation must continue
Drones are necessary: No matter drones are operated by US Air Force, CIA, ISI or Pak Air Force – by Saif RK: US assisted Pakistan in war on terror and helped in every possible way to fight against enemies of Pakistan. US at its own cost did its best to eliminate the enemies of Pakistan, and for that purpose US started
Fauzia Wahab: a role model – By Dr Saifur Rehman: On November 14, 1956, Pakistan gave birth to a gutsy woman who stood up for what she wanted. She played a major role in empowering Pakistani women. She spread smiles with her wit and spoke out in spite of
Bridging the trust deficit – By Dr Saifur Rehman:             Do more demands were reasonable but whose demands were met seems to be unravelling mystery. Since 2004 to latest killing of TTP chief Hakimullah Mehsud drones have been used as powerful weapon.Let us