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What about our Nukes? Are they save enough? Who were they? They belong to CIA, MOSSAD, even RAW. They can’t be Al-Qaida. Well after claiming the responsibility, if someone say, “How claiming the attacks means that Al-Qaida or Talban did that, even I can claim the responsibility of attack, then I am not sure about his mental health”. Because we all can judge in a minute or so, that who were they, if we had a very good look at situation and anger shown by Tehreek-e-Talban Pakistan after OBL operation in Abotabad. But we were calm because we want some real proof and intelligence or investigation report which can confirm Al-Qaida or Talban or if we do not be so specific about them, then we want a solid proof which shows that even pro-Islamist thinking or people having soft corner about Islamist and Jihadis are involved in these attacks. Now who can deny this (link below)?

If we deny the facts stated in above link then this is clearly a go against our own Pakistani security agencies and our thinking is supporting those so called True Muslims for them all Pakistanis are Wajib-Ul-Qatal and they can kill us anywhere, even at shrines of Sufis doing Kufar in front of them.

But the real question is, in this situation, as a Pakistani, if I want to ask that our nuclear assets are growing day by day with mounting military and defense budget and most importantly we got a bunch of Missiles then what about our on ground security? What about 36 Million Dollars? How a Qari can manage to attack on PNS Mehran type of place? Then people will put some big allegations on me, like traitor. But the thing is, first of all in this situation what can people do? Where they should go to ask these questions not against army but from the army of Pakistan? And the answer is, they actually cant.
So that is why this a gesture of showing few concerns for Army that we want parliament to take over and control our military and defense expenses as well as political and defense strategy so that we can ask all these questions to our elected members of parliament. This will be a huge sigh of relief for the people of Pakistan who do not deserve to hear only terrifying news about our national security on media.



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