Please stop pestering Dr Ayesha Siddiqa!

The LUBP team is quite worried to read the following status on Ayesha Siddiqa’s facebook account. We express our full support for Dr Siddiqa in this hour of trial, and urge the Government to take a stand.

After Aasia Bibi and Dr. Viliani, one of our top academics and researchers is now being intimidated by the State!

Also, our civil society and journalist community should now stand with Dr. Siddiqa instead of feeding off the scraps of the military establishment!

“Is it the Jihadi friends or the Khaki friends behind my mass vilification campaign? Since the afternoon of December 12th most journalists and everyone on my phone list have received an sms from this single number in Lahore 0332 4551330 declaring me an agent of several agencies. Typical agency style, when you try to call back no one picks up. Besides other cities, the message is spread in my hometown in Bahawalpur as well. Do I have less of a right to live there than Jaishe Mohammad and other militants? What right has the state to partner with criminals that abuse religion for exploitation of people?”

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