You know you are a Pakistani Shia when…

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You know you are a Pakistani Shia when…

* Your aging parents beg you to leave them and the country to save yourself from target killing…

* Yet, the same parents will order you to walk with the Jaloos-e-Ashura knowing that there are higher chances of getting killed there than in target killing…

* There is a blast in the Jaloos…your mom is praying ….. begging Allah for your safety…your sister is calling you, but so is everybody else’s and so the mobile networks are jammed and they are all getting “Aapka milaya hua number iss waqt band hai!”…do you know how that feels? Probably not…

* You are leaving for work…your mom will offer 2 Rakats for your safe return…then 5 Rs. sadqa because her Prophet (sawas) said it helps…then she will hold the Quran over your head…and then a kiss and a prayer…

* Your mom holds Milaad-ul-Nabi (sawas) every year in her home lest her neighbours wrongfully think that we are only ever interested in Imam Hussain (AS) and not his grandfather…

* Your mom will get swollen feet cooking Halwa all night long so she can distribute it amongst her neighbours on 12th Rabi-ul-Awwal…but she is heartbroken when some of her neighbours don’t eat her Halwa and give it to their maids and sweepers…because it’s biddat and haram etc…

* You share your side of story with your Sunni friends and they say “Dono aik doosre ko maar rahe hain…bilkul ghalat hai!”…you think when did a Shia suicide bomber go off in a Juma Ijtima???? But shhhh…you can’t say that…

* Then again there are these other friends who would say “Dekho bhai…Sipah-e-Sahaba hai tau Sipah-e-Muhammad bhi tau hai.”…and you think when did Sipah-e-Muhammad – which ceased to exist 15 years ago – claim responsibility for indiscriminate Sunni killing? When was a bus stopped in Gilgit and all the Sunnis in it killed after confirming their IDs via their NICs???? But hush…

* There are some pious people in your office who don’t eat the food you bring from your home…there are others who won’t eat it if you tell them it is Niaz; basically food blessed with Surah-e-Alhamd for barkat as per Sunnah…

* And there is this Email group you are a part of …batch mates from your university…and they keep sharing these articles that are basically designed to prove that you were born a Kaafir…you are sitting in Majalis since you were 4 and you know you can blow apart their arguments in 5 minutes straight…but what’s the point???? You know very well that proving them wrong will only make them hate you more…so you unsubscribe…

* Then there are the jokes…slanted insults…indirect…subtle…somebody will drop a meaningful comment with regard to Shaam-e-Ghareebaan…and you are perplexed…in 20-30 years you haven’t seen anything but people crying…lamenting… praying… and yet this guy seems so confident in his slant…like he was there but what can you do???? If you are like me…you think that your parents have been taking you to the wrong Shaam-e-Ghareebaan!

* You go to your Majalis…there are 3 walk-through gates…then body search by volunteers and then body search by the Police…then random spot searches…and passing by a Madni Masjid on Thursday night…you see what’s basically a guy with a staff for security…and you wonder: “Why only us?”…but hush!!!!

* There is a blast somewhere in an Imam Baargah…like there always is…you go to this Majlis full of anger…and yet the Maulana makes you offer collective prayers for the Sunni journalists BEFORE your own people…you think WTF?? But later you realize that he is right…

* Some of your friends confuse you like anything…they are fans of Zakir Naik…who thinks Allah should shower His blessings upon Yazid…who killed and/or facilitated the killing of the Prophet’s grandson and ALL able-bodied males of his Progeny…hold on…WHOSE GRANDSON???? WHOSE PROGENY??? Well hush I say…it is blasphemous to talk like this!

* Yet, despite all of the above…it is GUARANTEED…that you will be there in the Jaloos-e-Ashura …your friends will be there…everyone you know will be there…and the Jaloos will be larger than last year’s…which was larger than the year before…and so on…you will take your toddler there too…your friends will bring theirs’…like your Imam (AS) who brought his entire family to Karbala….you will say a silent prayer and relinquish his safety into the hands of Allah…but you are a Kaafir, no? So why would Allah protect your toddler??

Note: I don’t want to take credit for this post. as I found it online.

Source: World Shia Forum

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