Prejudice unlimited – by Abdul Nishapuri

I know our semi-literate elitist urban class writers and bloggers (with a very few notable exceptions) are least bothered about this topic (except when they are forced to because of a populist wave). However, consistent with our vision of an inclusive and democratic Pakistan, we at the LUBP will keep highlighting the plight of religious and ethnic minorities in the land of the pure.

Let me refer to Dawn’s (exceptionally) bold editorial on 30 May which states that:

Friday’s gruesome attacks on Ahmadi worshippers in Lahore were a tragic reminder of the growing intolerance that is threatening to destroy our social fabric. Bigotry in this country has been decades in the making and is expressed in a variety of ways. Violence by individuals or groups against those who hold divergent views may be the most despicable manifestation of such prejudice but it is by no means the only one. Religious minorities in Pakistan have not only been shunted to the margins of society but also face outright persecution on a regular basis…..Tackling the terrorists who kill almost at will isn’t the only job at hand. The culture of intolerance has become ingrained in Pakistan and wide-ranging measures are required to change our collective mindset. Textbooks need to be revised and the perils of both brazen and covert narrow-mindedness must be publicly debated.

Here is a news report from daily Express 31 May 2010, which once again confirms the level of intolerance and prejudice in Pakistani society, thanks to our mullahs, military, bureaucracy, media and the acquiescent middle class:


یہ پہلا سبق تھا کتاب ہدأ کا
کہ ہے ساری مخلوق کنبہ خدا کا

(مولانا الطاف حسین حالی )



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